fine 1-3-5

got up, got through half my workout before i was discovered by my mom. took advantage of the rainy weather to finally wear my fabulous burberry knock-off scarf from europe and my blazer and boots. 🙂

ate oatmeal and berries yumyum and off to school i went!

got to 1st, talked and passed hilarious notes with friend PS. we are so random…..but near the end i wanted to pay attention in class so we kind of faded off.

went to the office with her to pick up my community service form and for her to pick up her early release form (i act like that doesn’t sting)

saw crush V and we had an awkward (at least for me) brief moment of eye contact where we both recognized each other and decided not to say hi. sigh….

friend PS saw her soccer friends and i kind of became the 3rd wheel. so i walked off early and went to band.

band went ok and boring.

walked out, its pouurrrrring and i walk up to the lunch spot. i eat my chipotle burrito (yummmmmmm) and got cold so i went with my frenemy to the library to warm up. there she spotted her friends and again i became the 3rd wheel, and since i had no way out that wouldn’t be extremely awkward, i just tagged along. later we left and went to our math class. 

we switched seats in math, and I’m next to this talkative frosh guy who I think is popular sort of, and this other soph football kid, and this nerd that i sat next to before. the nerd knows me as a quiet sarcastic kid, the talkative frosh knows me as an awesome smart kid, and the soph doesn’t know me at all. but what ended up happening is that all the guys ended up talking about who the hottest girls were and making a list. awkward. i sat there and pretended not to notice or care

plus my nose was being annoyingly plugged so i tried to secretly wipe it off. it didn’t really work…

and guy J (remember him?) was like ‘what’ve you been up to?’ and its awkward because nerd guy knows me as quiet and shy so i didn’t want to seem double sided… i kind of gave him annoying looks. i feel like he hates me now.

after that i rushed to the library (to avoid the rain) and tutored until 4. i tutored this frosh girl and i just edited her essay. awful essay where she repeated herself over and over so much that what could have been a 2-page essay was stretched out to 4. 4 pages of junk.

went home, ate some food, and chatted to like 5 people at once on fb. i got some plans in place for winter break, so i don’t sit around doing nothing.

that was fun, and then i showered and i came out and my hair and bangs were behaving! that never happens. ever.

ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THAT MY LOWER ABS ARE DEVELOPING!!!!! yes, yes, it has finally happened. my lower abs are getting defined and cuts are forming. i may soon have a 6-pack thing.

i love rainy days


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