funny rip-offs

well i just found that i had 37 comments on my posts! i thought to myself, how could this be? what could anyone possibly comment about on an average teenage girl’s daily life?

well i looked through these comments. and they are all spam. they are all trying to get me to click on their probably junk links and spam my computer

want to know how i can tell?

here’s one for example

natural sleep aidsThank you for another excellent write-up. Exactly where else could anybody get that type of facts in such a ideal way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and Im on the look for such information and facts. Super informative article, thanks a bunch, I really mean it!

this was on my post about a pleasant 2-4-6 day.

what information? what facts? how in any way was it ‘informative’ or an ‘article’? a ‘write up’?

this whole thing struck me as hilarious and ridiculous

yeah, right. if you are going to try to trick me, at least do a better job, idiots.



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