yeah….i don’t think anything really happened

got up a bit late, no workout.

i didn’t feel like doing my hair or wearing nice clothes and then having it be ruined by the rain and freezing, so i literally threw on two huge oversized sweaters (courtesy of my dad) and brought another just in case.

2nd period, talked to guy T, and he joined in on hangman with Friend AH and i. he’s nice. did a lab, and i worked with Friend S, AH, and i felt bad for Guy T because i sort of just ditched him.

break went fine

4th period, our president wasn’t here so we watched this kids movie. i didn’t feel like watching a movie that i have watched about 5 times and didn’t really like in the first place, so i slept on my spare sweater and listened to my iPod. the whole time. then i took a walk outside in the sprinkling while i ‘went to the bathroom’. i was gone for maybe 20 minutes….its refreshing.

crush V didn’t talk to me, except when i noticed his haircut and asked a question about debate. a few times i opened my eyes and looked past him at the screen, and he stared straight at me….

but later on he moved desks and talked in the back so i just slept.

later, during lunch i walked down with my dorky friends and went to support my friends crochet club. literally only one person actually crochets. even the VP just sits and gossips.

we talked about formal. i am going stag. no way am i asking anyone.

went to english, boring as usual.

went tutoring. i promised friend S i would tutor her, but she showed late so i was already tutoring this other girl. it was another essay on the same book to edit. boring. it was a ton better than yesterday’s, thankfully.

went and ‘tutored’ friend S, if you could call it that. she couldn’t take me seriously and ended up getting picked up early because when i tutored the other girl, she just called her mom to say i was busy.

did homework for a while, and my friend K saw me and said hi. turns out she gets tutored here most days on math and spanish, but she was with some friends i didn’t know.

went home, ate.




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