routine bad day

got up, went to school blah blah. yesterday i made this gourmet-ish hummus-carrot-turkey on whole wheat wrap. so that was my lunch

got to school, went to first. we had a sub. he literally introduced himself by saying ‘ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. i don’t speak spanish.’ and it just went downhill from there.

we ended up doing a bunch of ‘actividades’ from the textbook. i worked with friend PS. it was sort of fun.

break went fine.

band went fine. we talked about china for like 20 minutes, because the instructor just found out that there are CHARACTERS for the written language. OOOOOhhhhhh. hhaha

lunch went fine. i finally saw my best friend EC for like the first time in two weeks, since she has been leaving early for her ballet performances. it sucks having a superstar best friend that can never hang out.

talked to old friends. made unclear plans for break.

went to math. boring. it started out bad when all the guys around me start talking about – what else? – getting other girls to have sex with them, and how to get them to say yes. awful. just awful. they are all trying to be cool, too, which is annoying because I’m pretty sure none of them have ever even kissed a girl.

i finished my homework in class.

went to tutor. didn’t get anyone today, so i finished the rest of my homework. i got this awful cramp for being bloated, i think, and i had to go outside for a walk.

went home. tired. did an entire chapter of the online health course. 

i actually am really interested. like i said, i would totally have this as my career if i could. health, and eating, and disorders and stuff really intrigue me. i love learning about it. sometimes i actually look it up and read about it for hours.

but anyway, this chapter was about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. and exercising. it reminded me of that fact that it has literally been about 3 weeks since i have run. i wonder what my mile time is now.

also, they gave me an eating disorder quiz. i got ‘very likely.’ nice. but its not really. i just eat healthy.

especially since while i was doing the lesson for about 3 hours i was mindlessly noshing apple chips. my goodness. they are good.

see? not anorexic.


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