had finally a better than ok day!

it actually started awful. i came down in a big warm cardigan and jeans, and no socks, and all the adults in my family freak because i ‘dress like its summer’ and ‘I’m trying to make myself get worse at my cough’ and ‘I’m selfish for getting other people sick’. i literally go up and put on a) a thin pair of socks and b) a hoodie instead of the big cardigan and walk down and of course THAT is soooooo much warmer.

go to school, my mom screaming at me the whole time. my friend PS wasn’t there the entire 1st period but we watched madagascar in spanish (stupid sub again) and my neck got super cramped because i sit at an awkward angle towards the screen.

the movie ended with like half an hour left to the class, so i tried to make myself look busy. after doing that for about 15 minutes i got up the guts to go talk to this girl that friend PS is friends with and i sort of know. it went well, i think. and friend PS came in later.

band went ok. I’m famous for being sick now.

lunch went ok, too. just talked.

5th went better than i thought. they didn’t talk about sex as much today, and this dude across from me tried to order pizza. it didn’t work though, because the pizza guy went to the front office all confused, and the front office people called our teacher, and all we heard was from her was ‘what? did i order……no! of course not.’ then she hung up and continued notes kind of angrily.

but yeah so the guys actually gave me a chance and talked to me, so i could prove that i was actually decent to talk to! so now they’re cool with me.

went home, to piano. piano went ok. went home again, went out to dinner with my bros and my mom. we went to this fancy-asian-fusion restaurant in the most touristy place, but it was really good. and it was happy hour, so it was half off! our 130 dollar bill was just 65!

but there was this great dish where they gave us raw steak and this 500 degree rock. and we would just sear each side on the rock ourselves and eat it! so good…..i like mine verrrrrrry rare, so i seared it for like 3 seconds only. totally raw on the inside. so good.


went to our youth group party. but over there i was feeling awful, and i choked on a cough and puked. ugh.

but i felt waaaay better after that so i still went to the party. my friend JS, who me and my bestie are trying to convert to our church, was there. we played a super fun board game, quelf, and then we made cookies, and then we played white elephant. i got this awesome perfume gift set thing and a matching cologne one for guys. and it was super expensive looking, too, it was probably like 30 buck each! and we were only required a 15 dollar gift. but i screwed up the rules, so this guy ended up getting cheated out of a really good present, and i felt bad, so i gave him the guy one. in return, i got this 99-cent-store hamster stuffed animal. yayyy. not.

decorated cookies, then we played egyptian war (card game) funnnnnnnn i love that game even though i suck at it.

went home with friends.




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