surprise party

so when i got home, i just chilled and stuff. then my day was ruined by my mom having an insane fever in which she comes to me and tells me to go get the computer from my brother. i go get it. he wants to finish his round. my mom freaks out, storms in and takes the computer and screams at us all. then she freaks out about us not having the christmas tree up. then she goes back to bed and sobs uncontrollably.

what were we supposed to do? i get my brothers to set up the tree, and then they decide that, no, they aren’t going to because of some twisted logic that mom will like that better. yeah right idiots. mom freaks out more.

and through all this i had a surprise party to go to.

so i go back up, let my mom vent to me (like always) and then make her dinner and whatnot and calm her down. then i go to buy a gift for my friend, and then i go to the party.

its way smaller than i thought. and there are only 2 other guests there. buts it was nice and fun. we got some strangers to say ‘surprise’ when friend MH walked in and it was funny because she basically glared at them. but she was happy later.

the pizza was good.

the goat cheese was good.

got back to her house, ate cake, and then we watched ‘the help’. it was a good movie, except that my friends told me it was a horror movie, and it wasn’t, and they kept that up until halfway through the movie when i figured it out myself. it was good, though.

we got ready for bed and fell asleep right away.

woke up, ate eggs. i said ‘yeah, over easy is ok.’ IT WASNT. i had no idea what it was, and they were all runny and half-raw…..ugh. gross. i choked it down because i didn’t want to hurt feelings.

got home, called my friend KS and walked down to her house. it was fun and all, until she decided to sass her mom and her mom sent me home. i went home and watched tv and ran (finally!) but my time got like 2 minutes worse! thats what i get for not running for an entire month…

showered and stuff, right now as i type, my mom is lecturing me about being a mean person to this retarded girl CC. she is realllllly annoying, and for about 3 years i was literally the only person that stuck up for her and tried to get my friends to not make fun of her. (she thinks we all love her) its so ironic.

chatting with friends and making plans. i don’t know why i was so worried that i wouldn’t have any life over break. now i can’t fit in all of my friends…

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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