christmas eve baking

so i got up and did business, like piano and all that. slept in, actually, so i didn’t do much.

i was all ready to go to my friend KW’s house, but then my mom decides that i have to vacumn AND mop, so i get stuck washing the gross mop that no one else bothers to do.

so i got there an hour late.

we made gingerbread, and while the dough froze we made peppermint bark. the dark chocolate worked perfectly, but when we did the white chocolate, it hardened REALLY fast and it turned into clumps off chocolate all over. so we put more on and did it super fast, but the dark chocolate wasn’t hardened and the two mixed together and we got a marbled peppermint bark thing…..

took out the gingerbread. i don’t think we did it right because the dough was super crumbly and hard to work with, but i managed to etch out some animals (its my present for my grandparents and parents) in their zodiac signs.

we baked it and it didn’t really work out; we tried it and it wasn’t sweet, more like a ginger snap.

ate dinner really fast. her mom fried absolutely everything, which sucked for me because i am trying to be healthy! i politely ate it.

we rushed to my house, i changed into something festive (sort of) really, just my plaid PJs, which i wore to church.

the service was reallllly boring. i bet it wouldn’t have been, except they had to translate it and listening to 5 minutes of chinese and then a short thing of english. so i basically tuned out.

when we sang christmas carols, i have an awful voice so every time we went up high i would drop down an octave. so basically i sounded terrible.

it was a freezing 35 degrees outside (which is insane for where i live haha) so we ran back to the car. we slept like me and my brothers do after we come back from skiing trips: one of us leans against the side of the car, the middle leans on that person, and the last leans on the middle. keeps us warm, super comfortable, and it makes fro a really funny picture when we are all drooling on each other with our weird sleeping faces.

got home.


fun day 🙂


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