last minute christmas shopping with bros

well merry christmassss to myself!  (and, of course, anyone else reading this)

so friday i WAS going to do nothing, make christmas cards, etc. i got up early to run, came back to drop off my hoodie, and got caught by my grandma and my mom. apparently 55 degrees is too cold for running, and by the way i was sick and I’m still just getting better. hello, like a week ago.

so yeah. stuck at home. but at 1 my bro takes me out shopping for advice on christmas presents. we brought my other bro too. we shopped around and got everyone decent gifts. i don’t know why he’s suddenly so blasé about money though, but i think its because its his senior year and he wants to be remembered or something.

got my mom a diamond cross necklace. bargained it down with my ‘uncertain don’t really care about this certain item could walk away easily’ face from 200 to 130!

went to GAP and saw the AWESOMEST batman shirt, had to have it (half off) so i did. gonna pay him back later.

he dropped me off at piano. picked me up. went back to pick up K. got the rest of the presents.ate subway. bonded with my bros. they’re actually really cool when we are all in a good mood.

went home, ate, blah, blah. sleep. suprisingly good day 🙂


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