a happy christmas

well the day started out fine. i got up nice and late, ate granola, berries, and almond milk ( yum). got on the mac and downloaded like 40 songs haha. i get sort of carried away.

then we started cleaning and stuff for the little get-together we had tonight. i sliced a ton of potatoes and whatnot.

then it went awful. like horribly awful. my mom did this little thing that pissed my dad off. normally it wouldn’t piss him off. it shouldn’t piss anyone off. it was a totally reasonable thing to do. but with all the extra tension lately and stuff (plus the fact that they hate each other) and it turned into a one-sided (my dad) screaming fight. my mom is really sick, so she sort of whispered back at him.

things calmed down when my bro E came in and played the police. like always. i don’t know what I’m going to do without him when he leaves for college. its going to be hell.

Anyway, i practiced piano and all. ate a lot of soup. helped out more.

worried about my grandma. she’s really sick. she ran a fever last night. thats really bad, since she’s so old and already not in a good condition…

but she got a bit better, and the day turned out to be ok, actually.

day turned out to be great, actually, but thats later in this story.

i showered, changed, set the table. the guests came 40 minutes late (of course, they are asian, what do you expect?) and they watched football.

ate the edible arrangement fruit thing we got from my mom’s mentor.

ate the food. there was nothing really amazing and addicting, which was actually good so i didn’t overeat like usual.

then since we hadn’t opened gifts yet (yeah, nighttime and we still haven’t opened gifts. i know.) we just decided to open them. even though the guest were here. tacky. yup. but hey they are close family friends, and they don’t care.

and guess what.

my brother E………



sad thing is, even though its amazing and he’s great and thoughtful, i know its not good for me. i literally would rather have a nano. because i can’t run with a touch! i can’t do anything with a touch! i’m probably not going to take it anywhere! because ill always be scared that it will break!


my other brother K is the opposite of me. he’s stoked. he’s already taken it out of the case and is playing with it now. (he got one too)

but yeah. I was really shocked this year because my brother E got presents for everyone! and the most important thing is, is that he got 1000 bucks from my parents for doing good on the SAT/ACT, and he spent it all on presents.

no really. he didn’t spend any on himself.

it makes me happy. turns out that despite growing up in an awful household with a horrible example of parents, he still turned out great.

I’m going to miss him so much.

but all this gift-giving made me feel awful. guess what i got everyone? a gingerbread cookie in the shape of their zodiac sign. i feel like a thoughtless loser. and here i thought i was being creative and original.

my mom gave me a hundred dollars but i gave it back because i spent about that much on black friday. i figured she already gave me a present.

so, in the end, christmas turned out ok.

i love my brothers.

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