visit from an old friend

no, no old as in elderly. old as in from elementary school (and the very beginning of middle).

we’ve been emailing back and forth for a while, and then she stopped, and then she started again. and i asked her to come over. and she did!

friend EDC came yesterday.

and she’s got basically the same personality, but she’s gained weight and she like anime.

but she’s still my friend from before. and i love her to death. but, like before, she’s super talkative and energetic, and when she left i just pooped out totally exhausted. hhhahaha

but yeah. we caught up and talked and stuff, then i got hungry so and talked while i ate (or she talked while i ate). then we spend half an hour trying to friend each other on Facebook because fb was being stupid. then my mom wanted a fb so i spend another half hour explaining it to her. 

then we went to the mall. but it was so crowded my mom could not find a parking spot, so we just returned some jeans and left. I was wearing my new awesome batman shirt! and loose-ish jeans and faded sneakers, and i know i looked like a total tomboy. whatevs

we drove to another shopping center so i could get a case for my iPod touch. well we spent half an hour in best buy, then we decided to check out target. so we went there, and then the cases were extremely expensive, but my mom wanted me to get insurance. so i got insurance (after a ton of thinking) but just the cheap one, and then we went back to best buy and got the case and a screen protector.

all of this shopping took about 4 hours.

poor fried EDC…

but we went home, i failed at putting on my screen protector, and then we ate. then her mom came and picked her up…

but it was super fun and I’m so happy i got the chance to see her!

after she left i decided to connect my iPod to my iTunes and all that. problem is that my iTunes doesn’t have all of my songs, because of a big long complicated tech thing i don’t really understand, half of my songs on my iPod isn’t on there. sooooooooooo after trying to find other ways, i discovered i had to download every single one of my missing songs over again.

this is hundreds of songs we are talking about here.

it took me ilk 2 hours to get through about a third.


well i slept at around 11.]

good day though.

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