church girls sleepover

…it was pretty fun.

before from piano i went to go shopping with my mom. i bought new PJ pants at gap for like 6 bucks.

i don’t enjoy shopping with my mom so much anymore, because she is so set on spending all the money she makes. i am set on saving money so we don’t end up on the streets. her mindset is ‘just spend the money because no matter how much we save, its going to be sucked down the lawyer’s throats and dad when we split’. ummmmmm sure.

anyway, got there late to the sleepover. it was friend KW, SW, AN, bestie, and our leader/mentor, CC. we ate some food, and then we put on a movie, Just go with it. i liked it; it was pretty funny. but i really wanted to watch black swan, but….

then we watched an awful princess movie that was ‘so corny it didnt need popcorn!’ (hehe, geddit?)

honestly it was bad.

then we sat and talked for a bit, then we up and set up our sleeping bags. then we brushed our teeth and stuff, and then we talked and stuff. it was pretty fun. then some people went to sleep and it was me, bestie, and Friend KW, and then bestie went to sleep and it was just me and friend KW. then we went to sleep too around 3 or 4.

woke up at 8:30 and i got hyper right away.

we brushed our teeth and stuff, then ate leftovers from the night before. got picked up, went with FRIend KW. we had fun in the car, talking about boy bands and poppy stuff. i discovered the band one direction, who are basically 5 justin-beiber duplicates with different hair. [ha, I’m funny]

got home, fooled around downloading said boy band’s songs, read a book. texted. played doodle jump, and i got sort of obsessed and then crushed when i reached the max point level for the demo.

parents fought. well, not really a fight. my dad yelled and screamed at my mom that she was a ‘fucking shit whore thief.’ over and over and over…

my mom says we are moving out by next year.

played piano. i was only gonna play half an hour, but i got into it and played 50 minutes.

ate this awesome banana-berry-cocao-walnut mush thing i made.

now I’m gonna go to my friends house to count down, then come back really late and sleep for 4 hours and then get up and go to big bear.

haha only 8 hours of sleep before going skiing and coming back at like 1? and then hanging out at the beach? and then going to school?

this should be interesting.


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