busy busy new year

well i kicked off the new year with a super busy schedule.

good or bad?

on saturday, i was texting my friend JC and we decided to countdown together. so i did stuff until around 7, when i went to her house.

right off i could see that it wasn’t really gonna be wild or crazy. and friend JC is not the type to think that anything other than running and laughing hysterically is fun. she’s not really a deep person; if something’s not ‘fun’ then she’s bored.

honestly, i suck at social things, so it was pretty boring. she spent a lot of the time on Facebook making me jealous about how great her social life was, and how many people talked to her, especially guys.

she’s asked someone to formal. he’s pretty hot, and he looks popular. i wish i could get the guts to ask someone.

we watched youtube videos.

we ate food.

we went outside after being too extremely bored to do anything. it was pretty cold, and super foggy. and while we were out there walking back and forth and looking down creepy streets that looked eerie in the thick fog, dim streetlights, and no stars. we eventually decided we needed a rush and sat in the dead middle of the street and talked. and when cars came we ran like crazy for the side of the road while screaming. it was pretty fun.

we went back in and did basically nothing until midnight. we watched the ball drop (lady gaga was weird but thats nothing new) and it was really disappointing.

we went outside with her neighbors and blew these annoying party-blow-paper things and popped mini firecracker things. that was pretty fun, too. then my mom came and picked me up.

i went to sleep, got up late the next morning to go skiing.

we got in the car and stuff, went to IHOP. met my friend there. i refused to eat the crepes because they were so unhealthy. i ate oatmeal at home.

went to the car rental, met up with my now-sort-of-friend CC, her brother GC, and her dad who is an old friend of my mom’s.

on the way there, we talked about her school. she goes to a really good boarding school: andover. she thinks i should apply. i really want to, but i don’t think ill get in. but boarding school sounds like a really good idea and opportunity, so I’m going to try.

I slept the rest if the way there.

got there, rented skis (my brothers snowboarded) and got on the slopes. it was so hot, like 60 degrees high. all i wore were my thin leggings and ski pants (realllllly thin) and a t shirt and my high school hoodie. and a scarf. and a beanie. but that’s it. usually its all that plus an extra layer of pants PLUS a dan feather ski jacket!

i put my mind to teaching Friend CC and Friend KW how to ski. Friend CC sucked. we went down the bunny hill like 3 times, then i upgraded them to the easiest actual run. she fell like 10 times and it took her like 5 minutes to get up each. i literally went the bunny hill twice, and the actual run 1 and a half times, and it took 4 hours. no joke.

i spotted my mom with my brothers and she offered to take my place. i left with my Bros. we went down the medium trails MM with the easy black diamond thrown in like 3  times, then the the side run LC thats my favorite (but it closed after only once! along with all the other black diamonds…), then the other  side of the mountain with  jumps and whatnot. pretty fun. I spent a lot of the time trying to mimic the pro skiers, with my feet practically touching and zooming down the hill like no one’s biz. it didn’t really work.

and on our last run, my brother went on a jump, screwed up, and landed directly on his head at a high velocity. sucks.

i fell asleep in the car, and we went to dinner at souplantation. that was pretty good. I think Friend CC is not so awkward around me anymore.

went home.

i fell asleep right away.

on monday, i woke up, went back to sleep and woke up at 11:45 or so. i cleaned my room until 1, then went down and ate. did piano for just half an hour. then my mom took me shopping at fashion valley. i was tired, though, and not very fun. despite my vow to not buy anything since splurging for the past few weeks on whatever, i still bought a volcom summer-y celadon with orange and yellow sundress from bloomingdale’s, and a beige chunky skit scarf from forever 21. my mom bought a free people kind sweater that was awesome, but i discouraged her from buying it because it was so expensive. it was half off and STILL 50 dollars!

there was this great soft and super thin suede fringe vest i saw, that i realllllllly wanted, but i didn’t get it because there was really only one outfit: just that with jeans. but still….

we stopped by the chinese store on the way home.

then i edited my brother’s college app essay (UChicago this time) it was horrible. he ignored all my advice.

i went to sleep.

woke up this morning and wore my new volcom dress. with a big hoodie. and i finally shaved.

got to 2nd period and talked to my friends. I talked to Guy T. I think he likes me. in any case, he talks to me at every opportunity and acts smart around me. i like him, he’s nice, and i wanted to ask for his number so we could be friends but my friend SS and bestie EC were there so i knew they would make fun of me. plus, what if he didn’t want to give me his number?

i worked with him and my friends on the classwork though.

went to debate.

Crush V never talks to me anymore. he just pitched in on my question to my friend about debate, and when my iPod was on (while the teacher was talking and i didn’t realize it, hello, embarrassing) he recognized the band and was like ‘is that phoenix?’ and i nodded yes. but inside i was secretly screaming happily that he finally noticed that i listened to and like indie bands and alt rock, not annoying pop like he probably thought!

lunch at the stupid crochet club where no one crochets.

6th was boring like usual. we switched seats and I’m next to all the same people.

tutoring i was with my friend TG, and it was pretty fun. i think we have a new inside joke.

i was on the computer today looking up music competitions, internships….i’m basically really into college stuff right now.

phew that was a lot

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