Schoollll and apps and mini parley

So I’ve still been busy with apps.

So i got the interview acceptance (yay!) and i went to the interview yesterday. It was a shock because i thought it was a guy, but it was a girl! ahha we weren’t sure if we were at the right house and we had like 5 minutes so i sat in my car and prayed, and the interview alumni person came out because she saw our car light and saw me curled up praying…..


i wore a pro-blazer, dark jeans, a bright scarf, and a navy t shirt. the interview went great! i over-prepared….it was not stressful AT ALL. of course, this is andover. I get the feeling that the exeter one will be more intense….

ok, school. Monday. we started a mini parley tournament in my debate class. We didn’t finish…..crush V talked to me! i forget what, but we talked a tiny bit and he offered me a blackberry(the fruit). its a start, right?

tuesday, walked all over the place trying to get my teachers to get my teacher recommendation request. the andover one was glitchy and didn’t send like 4 times…

my essays suck, so i was stressed about that.

and then i had the interview that night.

wednesday, no guy T in bio. I sort of missed him. and theres this weird really religious guy in our class who wants to learn chinese to preach to people. he’s terrible. he spent the whole time annoying me. he  can’t pronounce anything, or the tones, and its no wonder because he told me he spent 15 minutes on that before moving on. HA! nice, buddy. but i admire his burning passion for the gospel, but he’s a bit over… he preaches to our classmates, and everyone hates him. not a good way to go about it.

Friend SS was telling me how her life was full of drama and it sucked. I was a good friend and all, but i really feel she has no right to say that. it was all boy stuff and friend drama. that’s really nothing; she has a secure family that loves each other and has no financial problems and she’s great at athletics.

Debate, we continued the mini-parley tournament. since we lost one, won one (against a good team! ahghhhh! i went for unfairness, and i won….though i didn’t do the best, the judge took it.) and there were an odd number of 2-0 teams, we had to compete. We went against the best team. go figure. it was crush V and his partner.

We thought we were going to die. but we didn’t! we did good, and we were sort of all over the place, but our judges put it together for us a bit and they dropped some of our arguments (though we dropped theirs, too) WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNNN

crush v was bummed haha because I’m just know he thinks i suck at debate and he had this one in the bag. nopppppee

lunch i watched the dodgeball tournament. boring.

yup. english went horrible as always.

i bonded with my brother during tutoring. we laughed and joked around and everything. I think my bro K’s actually ok…

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