crush v?

alright, before i go into that, thursday went fine. 1 went fine, 3 went fine (except i think SNK C is annoyed with me) and 5 went fine.

now, today.

2nd went ok. Guy T almost definitely likes me.

We took a test, and i know i failed it. what the heck are phosopholipids?!?!?!?! i looked it up in our textbook when i finished and they WERE NOT IN THERE…..therefore they should not be on the test duh….

my friend SS talked to some annoying sophomores who pretend that she’s their girlfriend and make inappropriate jokes, which just makes me so mad i want to punch them, but she’s totally used to it since she gets it all the time. its these times where I’m totally happy with being pretty flat. actually, i love being pretty flat basically all the time….except like at the beach.

I downloaded some indie songs yesterday, like by guster and this pop-indie band called the shins. they pretty awesome.

and 444444th………..

kay so i took out my music theory test to do since i was totally behind (btw i corrected it and i got 22 wrong! I’ve NEVER gotten that many wrong before!) and i did it during this little spiel our substitute teacher was giving us on politics. crush v took it from me and was like, whats this? he gave it back and we like ‘band?’ i said no. he said ‘AP music theory’ and i explained no.

later, he actually came up to me and my friends and said hi, and started a convo. i was saying to my bestie how i could only run outside because i love running but i hate the treadmill, and he was like, ‘join cross country! I’m on cross country…’ and of course i pretended to forget that he was on cross country, not like i stalked him or anything.

then we talked about band, and i found out he used to play the trumpet, then we talked about stereotypes. and i asked if he like my friend AF, and he was like, ‘no’. and i was like yeah right, and he gave me this dead-serious looks and was like ‘no, i don’t’ and THEN he cracked a bit  and was like ‘haha no way.’ and then it was time for the varsity parley example debate to start.,…..and he was the judge, and he pretended to be a ‘mom’ judge, basically a clueless judge, and it was pretty funny.

except i think he likes her. they are having a ‘fight’, or at least thats what they say. I think they have crushes on each other……so hard to tell. apparently he was flirt-calling her the annoying orange, and then asked if she was on her period. flirt or not?



we walked to our speech and debate team club photo thing for the yearbook. and i realized i was wearing this goth combat boot-black skinny jeans-and -grey batman guys tshirt outfit that was just not yearbook worthy…..

as we were leaving i was joking around with rapping ‘look at me now’, and then crush v walks by us while I’m doing a particularly embarrassing part….fml.

6th went boring, as always.


so crush v worth it or not?


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