home alone then debate sesh

well i was home alone all saturday and sunday. working on my essays. except not; by then i was way over it. like…..just no more.

so i submitted it on sunday! ahhhlskjf;alskdjfa;slkdfjal ;skdfj

yup and on saturday i finally went running! yay! i ran the actual mile….supers proud and i got like a 7:00 right on the dot! well,,,,,,,maybe more like 7:15 but that doesn’t matter. at all.

and then i ran my route but i was so proud of myself for the mile i slacked off and ran like a 21 minute.

haha pitiful.

then on sunday, i didn’t go to church. i don’t even remember what I did. stayed home and practiced piano and read books. oh yeah, i finally read some books.

and TODAY, i went to bestie EMC’s house for a 6-hour debate sesh! and we actually worked our butts off and got a lot done. so half an hour in we decided to ask for some help from Friend AF and so we Skype her…..

and she invites crush V on! so now we are three way (or four way since it two of us) group chatting on Skype! YYYYAYAYYAYAY happiest day ever. so crush V gives us this huge long spiel on Kritiks and framework. and then we just talk. and then they tell us their going to panera for a debate sesh with some other hard core debate freaks, and we were going to go, but then bestie didn’t want to. and i felt like sobbing inside because that would have been my only chance to bond with crush V and see him outside of school, but you know, once in a lifetime chances aren’t so rare. no biggie. [sniffle].

but yeah at least he said ‘hey are you guys coming, right? you should!’ and that made me feel amazing haha. yup lame ol’ me.

so we basically did that for like 5 hours, and then we took a ‘break’ for like an hour to reminisce on old pop songs like from hannah montana (we share a deep love for all things hannah montana…..we know every word…..) and jesse mccartney and aly & aj, and hilary duff….all that good stuff.

and during that ‘break’ we lost all motivation to do anything, so we just ended it there. and didn’t go to panera. not that i care.

and then we ate dinner, and stuff. her mom made these asian-american mash of butter pillsbury mix filled with onions, carrots, and ground pork. it was ok, but she made so many because apparently i eat a lot, so when i only wanted to eat one, i ended up eating three. ugh.

and then i went home.

really, bestie is my best friend. because i can be myself around her, and she doesn’t put me down, and she doesn’t influence me to do bad things, and i know i can count on her, and theres no drama, and theres no shady stuff. its all right there, and we can talk about deep things or hilariously shallow things and it doesn’t matter, and i can be boring and PMS around her and she doesn’t mind. and vice versa.

and we trust each other. i think she’s my only friend where i actually let myself trust her. just not with my family stuff.

but she’s also the only one who almost sees through my ‘its fine’ act. she catches those little things.

Im so glad i found her.


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