Crush VVVVVVVV newssssss

okokokkok I’m going to start from the beginning.

that last week went awful.

Friday night we decorated our youth room! it was super fun, and we added paint-on whiteboards and blackboards. yeahhhhhh

i got closer to friend KW

saturday, i had my EXETER interview. and it was so fun! before, we got there early because i wanted to make sure we weren’t late so we left an hour early. so when we got there we went to the beach and it was super duper windy. i would post a picture, but then it would be anonymous, now, would it?

then my interview went great! the dude was the ex-captain of the track team! he was funny and i feel like i was too. He told my mom that i was really great, and that he loved me! yeahhhhhh

since we were around there, we went and visited my mom’s college friend. they are filthy rich. but they are super nice. their daughters went to oxford and harvard!

they gave me hot cocoa, which i really did not want to drink but i didn’t want to hurt their feelings…

we went to this really nice restaurant, and i ordered a tiny salad so i ate their leftover food and ended up super full. and i had the best tiramisu of my life.

and then we drove home! and got home late….

fun day.

the next we went to church, which was fun, too. i was feeling restless, so i went off and sat be myself on this wall like 10 feet off the ground, and looked out over the swamp. i wasn’t depressed or anything, but apparently i looked it, so they all came over and fussed over how i was feeling. ruined my peace, but its nice that their nice. it was weird, since frenemy SW came first….i feel like she just did it to pretend to care.

and that night there was a party or whatever for chinese new year’s eve at WP’s house. they gave away their dog! ahhhh

so i brought the mac and i did homework…..and went on facebook


i had a conversation with crush V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i saw he was online and before i could psych myself out of it i chatted him ‘how was the tournament?’ and he told me. and then i was out of stuff to say and then i asked a debate question and then he answered it. and then he added that he sucked on those stuff, too! he didn’t even have to do that! and i thought that was going to be it, but then he ASKED ME A QUESTiON.

and i answered, and we got talking! and he wrote really long answers…and he answered pretty much right away every time.

good sign?

He said he’d be sad if i didn’t join debate next year!

and he told me something that he said ‘not to tell anyone else!’

and he said i wasn’t a typical freshman, and that i was more mature!

(well i don’t really know about that….)

but yeah. it was great.

yesterday nothing really happened. 1st, we presented our little drama skits. 3rd, we took our playing test. lunch, i hung out with my old friends and it wasn’t awkward! 5th, my table isn’t so awkward anymore….popular girl is sort of nice; nerdy dude isn’t nerdy after all (friends with renowned hot guy), but fat dude….is still….you know.

todayyyyyyy 2nd went fine, and i hung with friend AH. 4th went fine too, we prepped for the tournament this weekend and we asked a ton of questions and we ended up feeling really stupid. once the varsity ditched us and crush v went ‘I’ll help you!’…..yeah and we asked him a few questions throughout class.

crochet club, we basically prepped. i got my PSAT scores! i got a 188….is that good? I’m sending it in to the boarding schools.

6th, we worked on our group project thing. i have this one popular girl TF, this nice girl MH that I’m sort of friends with, this nice guy JC , and this popular jerk guy BS (yes, ex crush BS. i am so over him).  nice girl, nice guy and i did most of the work, popular jerk was surprisingly easy to work with. popular girl ditched us and we literally did not see her for the entire time.

we did our skit for the teacher, and it was hilarious because we had actions written in the script. so we wrote ‘wail and cry’ as one of the actions, and when i got to that part, we all tried to do it but we started laughing instead. and … had to be there.

we got a ton done, and me and nice girl MH are almost friends

tutoring was awkward because the entire freshman girls soccer team was behind me goofing off, and they all know me….as the girl who didn’t make it.

and because my friend JS found her other friend and they ignored me.

so yeah

BUT I DONT CARE because i can check off ‘talk to on fb’ off my list for crushes!

I asked for his Skype account ‘so i could ask him questions on debate’. i hope he answers


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