winter debate tournament!

so TODAY was our winter debate tournament! it was open….and that meant that we debated VARSTIY…..

so i got there bright and early at like 8:30. when i was walking in i saw crush V and he said hi and told me where everyone was….

our first round was against this really, really sad team of two tall skinny guys. they were the only team from their school, and they obviously didn’t have a great program or anything there, because they were clueless. clueless. they had no evidence. we were aff. they ran all these messed up arguments that were’nt really arguments. they ran a counter plan sort of thing that wasn’t really. we ran sps. they defined spa as a moon base, and their impacts were it would spur human curiosity and cause us to want to travel to the moon and create a moon base. wth?

they lost so obviously.

we got out so early, we sat around for like an hour. our second round was against the best team in the entire tournament, M&E. they have 3 TOC bids! 3!!!!!

so all our hours of work on our amazing neg strat (spending DA and privatization CP with NASA bad cards for case) was unusable! WHY? because our entire case answer was built on top of NASA bad, and their plan was weather satellites. implemented by the DOD. sucks,’

so we last minute pulled up our old spending and debris disads. and cried on the inside while we we slowly pulverized and humiliated.

well, thats not true. we did ok. considering they are amazing. and afterwards they actually told friend AF that they weren’t sure if they won, because they thought the judge was picking up spending because she was lay (a parent judge) and didn’t know any better.

but we still lost.

inbetween, we talked to all the other lcc debate kids. i talked to PGF K! yayyyyyyy he’s super nice.

but also, i don’t think any of the policy varsity like me. and ‘friend’ KM definitely hates my guts. i don’t like her either. she’s insecure, and mean. and a follower. and she tries to kiss up to popular kids.

and policy varsity stands in a circle and talks about debate, and just doesn’t include you at all.

and friend AF totally likes crush V, and he totally likes her back. honestly, I’m not sure if i have a crush, or just an obsession to have him as a guy friend.

then our third round we went against to big guys from school C. grrrr. our school hates school C. because they are cheap and can’t win fairly and always report you for stupid rules no one cares about (like going into the room before the judge or having the internet open even though you aren’t using it….no really, our president was literally CLOSING his internet window and they saw him. they reported him to the organizer of the tournament, then searched his computer, trying to get him disqualified. they were then busted for invading his privacy and personal property. lol.) anyway, we were aff, and they took our aff and picked at the word ‘development’. they said that testing was already being done, so our inherency was shot. apparently they missed the words ‘and implementation’. dumbos. i think we still lost.

they also ran this thing about how it wouldn’t ever get passed. we fiated that. the judge was lay, and obviously had no idea what we were talking about, even though we explained it. yeah, we lost.

our fourth round, we were so over it. we went against the TP president and her friend. the president was great (duh), and her friend was decent. they ran BMD, and we thought, screw it, we are running our neg strat no matter what. well, even though they didn’t specify in the 1AC, apparently their actor was the DOD. so we just ran our ‘USFG action bad’ cards.

i felt like that was my best round. i talked really eloquently and filled up ALL my time! i made sense! my speech flowed! i was super happy with it, even though we lost.

then we got out, and i changed to sweats. i looked like a slob….well whatever. we stayed and helped organize all the rooms. then we went to awards. we were really hoping to place, but it totally was a lost cause.

needless to say, we didn’t place. some of the placers were weird, though. like our prez got 7th in policy! what? but he got first in parley haha.

friend AF got 1st in policy….and M&E got 2nd. that wasn’t right, either.

and a ton of other stuff.

we were so over it. so i just went home after.




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