nice day 2/28

so today was mostly uneventful. i had i big, yelling fight with my mom this morning because she wanted me to miss track just because I’m on my period, even though the attendance policy is 3 unexcused absences and your off the team. (excused = deaths, extreme illness with doctor’s note, or family crisis) 2Continue reading “nice day 2/28”

track day numero uno…(2/28)

1st day of track….. yeah. Nuff said. Actually not haha. So I woke up this morning, looked out the morning, and the sky was on the verge of tears. Heavy dark clouds, freezing temps,… get the picture. There went my motivation for an outfit, so here came my black dirty hoodie, jeans, and beat upContinue reading “track day numero uno…(2/28)”

PLay, birthday party, and heart attack

then….friday. i saw crush V in debate, and he was like ‘sprints? are you sure not distance?’ and i was like, sorry, no. nicely, though. I’m glad he makes an effort to talk to me at least once a day. tryouts went ok. actually, they went great! no lunges today because i went to tryContinue reading “PLay, birthday party, and heart attack”


so today was just catch up on my work and stuff I’ve been too lazy to do day. except not really, because i was still too lazy today and i didn’t do much of it. i got some homework done (over prez weekend! what sort of a teacher DOES that?), didn’t go running even thoughContinue reading “todaaaayy”

hanging with friends over prezzie day

so……i went to friend AH’s house on saturday! on the way there i picked up some movies from our local blockbuster thats closing down. sad, isn’t it? netflix taking over. I’ve got good memories at blockbuster. anyway, i got it’s a boy girl thing, bratz, and the grudge. for my sleepover with bestie EMC….a horror movie,Continue reading “hanging with friends over prezzie day”

president’s day skiing!

well last friday i went skiing! my family was gonna go, but my mom couldn’t and our friends had one spot in their car so i hitched a ride with them. my brothers didn’t go.. but it was really fun. i woke up at like 4:30, got ready, then waited for an hour because theyContinue reading “president’s day skiing!”

and THIS ONE was last sunday

Ok, so on Thursday, it was 1-3-5 and 1 went fine and 3 went fine and 5 went fine. Oh, and there was this heat-wave, so I got to wear my really summery volcom sundress! It was super reavealing, though, so I kept my jacket on. Anyway, during lunch I went to the track andContinue reading “and THIS ONE was last sunday”

challenge day

well sunday i decided to wear my brother’s old t-shirt. i love that t shirt, first of all i just love it, and second of all because of the image it generates. idk….just the ‘cool girl who doesn’t care about her clothes’. yeah right. we had fun at church, mostly, i think, because Frenemy SWContinue reading “challenge day”