nice day 2/28

so today was mostly uneventful.

i had i big, yelling fight with my mom this morning because she wanted me to miss track just because I’m on my period, even though the attendance policy is 3 unexcused absences and your off the team. (excused = deaths, extreme illness with doctor’s note, or family crisis)

2 went ok…we took a test i think i failed hands down. then we finished up our burning food to find the calories lab, which we ovciously did completely wrong since we got numbers like 20 and 30 when the food label said 200….

4 went fine. we did a congress round, and i just wanted to get it over with so i attempted to speak every single time. i didn’t ask questions, though, so i got like 5 attempts down before i actually spoke. i gave my speech (pro-tobacco bc of black markets and drug cartels), finished with like a minute left on the timer, and said really stupidly ‘now for some fun facts on tobacco….’ and read stats the rest of the time…lol

i ate the best combo….a brownie with a banana. so gooooood!

lunch i went to crochet club, which was ok.

then 6 went surprisingly good. there was this awful sub, and when we got into partners i was with this awkward but nice guy. we bonded over the awful sub….he smiled at me. it was a nice, genuine smile. you don’t get those that often.

trackkkkkkkkk i went to long jumps today. we did a bunch of super easy drills with ‘bounding’ and jumping and such. I’m trying to make friends, and i think i got this girl J and a sopho N.

then i headed over to hurdles with my friends, and i think I’m one of the better ones. i jumped over the varsity hurdle, and the girls all said i did pretty good for a freshman. YAY!!

the thing is, I’m really confused, what with having three totally different events. i know today i missed the blocks at sprints, and i don’t know when i can make that up. ill always be missing something….

but here goes my crazy track schedule.

Monday: must be at sprints entire time (crazy endurance workout)

Tuesday: check in with sprints, do stuff there, then head over to jumps and work on that. whatever time left goes to hurdles.

Wednesday: Sprints and hurdles. this is usually the meet day, though.

Thursday: check in with sprints, go to jumps and focus.

Friday: Sprints whole time.

and throughout the week, any spare time left over i go to hurdles.


got home right on time 🙂 ate yams with cinnamon milk, some cabbage, and a sandwich with turkey and colby jack. yummmm

alrighty thats it


track day numero uno…(2/28)

1st day of track…..

yeah. Nuff said.

Actually not haha.

So I woke up this morning, looked out the morning, and the sky was on the verge of tears. Heavy dark clouds, freezing temps,… get the picture. There went my motivation for an outfit, so here came my black dirty hoodie, jeans, and beat up boots. No brushing my hair or doing nice makeup, too mainstream haha

So 1 went fun. 3 went great….there was a blood drive and we were in the ASB room with retarded ASB popular kids walking through us trying to rehearse yelling at each other while we were playing…..but that’s not the great part. (no, im not being sarcastic) I kicked SNK C’s butt! His flute was in the repair shop, so he borrowed someones flute. Someone’s PEARL 5000 buck FLUTE! And he sucked so insanely badly…I mean come on. Ive played a pearl flute before, and the sound is BEAUTIFUL. You cannot sound bad on a pearl flute. But he somehow managed to make this on edge, sharp, airy sound filled with spit…ugh.

As for me, it was a good tuning day! I was right on tune the entire time, even on the insanely high notes! My sound had NO air! So crystal clear….AND my chromatic was flawless, including the high high C.

So yeah. Pro, you know, no biggie or anything. Haha

Lunch went ok…my friend AD whos amazing (AMAZING) at swimming split both heels open and had to get stitches literally the day before tryouts….she was also on her period so she was bummed and in a crappy mood. So I stuck with her and helped her get around and stuff.

5 went ok. The guys talked to me, which is ok, I guess. I fell asleep…im just so tired. And the whole time I was looking forward to track. Then the sky finally rained. Like, poured. Ugh.

It let up on the way down to track, but once we changed and got out there, it poured again. So we went into the gym and ran around, then later the evil sprints coach actually made us go out and run.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH? 2 miles of alternating 200 m sprinting, 200 m ‘60%’ jogging, in the pouring rain, in 52 degree weather, wearing nothing but a grey cotton t (thank god I didn’t wear white…embarrassing) and soffes.

I lost feeling in everything, except my calves because they were burning.

Hows that for a first day of track initiation?

Eventually the coach took pity on us and we ended practice early. I saw crush V and waved. He hasn’t responded to my message on fb…

I got home (soaked) and got righ ton my homework. Drank my new obsession: warm milk with cinnamon mixed in. so good, especially on a rainy day….like hot chocolate, but hot cinnamon?

Oh and btw I might be giving piano lessons! YEAH go me! To my sort of friend KF. Yup.

So that’s it for now!

PLay, birthday party, and heart attack


i saw crush V in debate, and he was like ‘sprints? are you sure not distance?’ and i was like, sorry, no. nicely, though. I’m glad he makes an effort to talk to me at least once a day.

tryouts went ok. actually, they went great! no lunges today because i went to try out for hurdles, and the coach was extra wowed at me. she was like ‘look at her! she’s got it right!’ yay

then i had to leave early, so i caught up with the sprints coach and asked if i made it. he said no at first, but then he saw that he marked my name (apparently that meant he saw ‘something worthwhile’) and he said yes!!!! yay i couldn’t believe it.

then i went to long jumps, and i made that too! i thought he was joking, so i just stared at him and said whaaaaa??????/ for a while, then everyone who was trying out for high jump (he was manning the tryouts) was annoyed and the coach was too and he was like, ‘you made it! get out of here freshman!’ and i was too hyper and happy to care.

then i ran out and walked home, and rushed and showered and ate. then friend MZ’s mom came and picked me up to go see her play!

we picked up a hamburger, and i died at the nutrition facts.

got to her play, and i t was so good! she was only a side character, but still! the play was ‘sining in the rain’. funny because the leading guy dropped out last minute, so the understudy had one week to learn the lines. so he messed up a ton, lol.

but i was so tired from a week of like 5 hours of sleep, that i was falling asleep the whole time, and then during intermission i did fall asleep. so embarrassing.

after, i ate the best brownie in the entire world, it had bananas in it!

i saw her and it was awkward because she was surrounded by her other friends and i was just there (i don’t know any of them) but i didn’t care!!!!!

we talked on the way home….it was nice. i never see her anymore.

i got home around 11. the next day, i got up and did piano and my chores (which was disgusting, btw, since i haven’t done them for like  a month) then i went to piano lessons (i switched the time for tryouts) and i did really good 🙂 then i changed the lesson time forever ….its on wednesday now.

then i bought sports bras from sports authority! i got purple printed one with this cool abstract watercolor thing on it from nike, and this black one with a cool cross back strap from underarmour. oh, and soffes.

then i rushed home, wrote a card for my friends ERC and AD and their combine bday party, then headed there. we hung out, then went to the mall. we tried on horribly ugly clothes, but then the stupid lady went and squacked ‘no pictures!’ so we stopped

when we got home, we hung out and went crazy, then after everyone left us four besties had a sleepover. it was friend KS, AD, and ERC. we opened presents, then did the cinnamon challenge. we recorded it. friend AD did decent but made funny faces, friend KS hilariously snuffed it out and spit it all over the table and sink. then i went, and i lasted like 2 minutes before i spat it out and swished water all disgustingly. then friend ERC went, and of course she does everything perfectly and she got it down.

then we talked until like 3 AM and then we fell asleep.

i got up around 8 and went to church. we got there.

but that doesn’t really matter.

after, there was a fundraiser basketball game.

and we were playing around and stuff, and then D’s dad had a heart attack.

it was terrible, especially because his mom just got cancer and went thourgh chemo….

my mom was the only one who knew CPR, so she got some people and she instructed them through it. everyone was just standing around in little clumps just crying…

and then the ambulance came and took over, and he had no pulse, and his heart stopped….and i just looked over at D and he was sobbing so hard, and that made me cry, too.and then they shocked him, and then a few minutes later he was breathing! the ambulance took him away, and needless to say, we all just went home.

my mom was crying too hard to drive, so my bro E did.

i got home and did homework.




THIS JUST IN: D’s dad has had two major surgeries since this afternoon. turns out 90% of his major arteries or something were completely plugged! but he’s doing fine….prayyyyy everyone!


yeah so I’m breaking it up into two. I’ve been neglecting this blog more and more, because i just come home and konk out on the pillow….its been busy.

so the lowdown on track tryouts is that i made it. barely, but i made it!

now for the details.

first day my backpack is insanely heavy because i have my flute, my flute music, my math notebook, and my big binder. THEN, on top of the usual load, I’ve got humungo pair of running shoes, and my change of clothes. i don’t remember how my day went, but track tryouts went bad. i got there, and was shocked to see that THERE WERE CUTS. a lot…..

on the way there, though, crush V was walking behind us, and he was like ‘____!!!!’ in this high excited voice and smiled!!!! YAY…..and he didn’t say hi to friend EMC! and then he was like why aren’t you trying out, too? in this sad voice, and then when i told him i was, he was like yay we’ll be tack buddies! AHHHH

too bad he’s doing distance and I’m doing sprints…..we never see each other.

so i tried for the sprint squad. we ‘warmed up’ for like an hour. it was torture. you know what they made us do? lunges. and side lunges. two sets of each; no break.????!!!!! no cheating, either, since they were WATCHING. plus, no stretching other than that, just to make sure we did it right. EEEVVVIIILLLLL……it burneddddddd

we ran the 200 m at ‘60%’, but of course everyone else is trying to impress the coach and we end up with like a horrible looking time because everyone else sprinted. we got like a consistent 38-40 second.

we did 6 of those, then we went and did ab workouts, which i thought i could do since ive been working out, but i couldn’t. but no one else could either, so that made me feel better. especially since i wasn’t groaning like i was in pain like some other people………ahem bestie EMC haha

then i went home and did homework.

next day, i was dead on my feet. i woke up, nothing felt off, until i tried to move. pain….PAIN that rivaled breaking my ankle, or splitting my neck open! horrible. i couldn’t walk down the stairs….i couldn’t sit. literally. i would bend my knees……then collapse halfway down and hit my butt.

anyway, i didn’t see crush V that day, but i talked to him on fb! we had a long convo, and we joked and had fun. it was nice. YAY

also, there was this VPA (visual performing arts) performance with the band, so basically i had to bring my track stuff, and my school stuff, AND my black concert dress with the high heel shoes, AND i had to go at the beginning of each period and change frantically out of my clothes and into the concert black, then after i would change back and go to class late. the sucky part was that people would ask why i was late, and i would have t say band and then they would go ‘oh. she’s in the BAND.’ ugh

we did a lab in bio where we calculated calories by burning the food and whatnot. me and friend AH burnt a cheezit, and it caught fire so fast and smoked really scarily and everyone was freaking out and the teacher (who i loooove cuz he’s awesome) was like ‘later, child.’ as the protective newspaper started to go up and we freaked out and pour a water bottle on it. 5 minutes later, teacher goes ‘so what did you want?’ and it was the funniest thing ever. tryouts went fine. did lunges again……tortuuureee….then we did time trials, and he measured our full out speed without acceleration. it was 30 m, i think. i got 4:40. bad, i know. there were two intense guys who got 3:10! HOW???

after, i went to try the long jump. i jumped, and the person was like WOAH. and i was like what? and she was like, you are the best one all day! i was so happy! my first jump ever, and she told me i basically definitely would make the jump squad!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

i walk home that day, because i didn’t have a phone to borrow. it was good, because it cooled me down.

next day, the VPA thing was on again. argggg

then track again. we did more time trials (and lunges, of course, i think its gonna be a daily thing); this time it was 120 m. i got 19, 19, 20, 20, 19, 20. (we ran it six times). i was so happy because the coach WROTE MY NAME DOWN! he was like ‘is the the freshman crew?’ and we were like ‘yeah!’, then he was like, ‘the first 3 in that heat, write your name down here!” YAYYYYYYYY

then i went to long jump tryouts and i kicked butt! i jumped, and the hot guy who was combing the sand over was like ‘dayummmm! theres a solid jump finally!’

then i ran to band performance, changed, brushed my sweaty hair through and performed.

THEN i changed again and went to jazz band.

then i finally went home.

which came to a grand total of 12 hours at school, and 11 changes. in one day. not ok.

and now i cut this post


so today was just catch up on my work and stuff I’ve been too lazy to do day.

except not really, because i was still too lazy today and i didn’t do much of it.

i got some homework done (over prez weekend! what sort of a teacher DOES that?), didn’t go running even though track try-outs are tomorrow (which i am FREAKING out about….), cleaned my disgusting room (a week of neglect + super busy weekend all over the place = piles of clothes and random bags all over the floor = teenage junkyard.), played piano (and got away with it at piano lessons – she was super happy today! said i was really good! i NEVER hear that..), played flute (kinda… 5 minutes), and watched tv (got nothing to say in here but its nice to keep with the parallel structure right?).

basically….that was it.

oh i went to costco. if that counts for anything at all.a

but yeah. boring, boring day. it kind of sucked, too. i was in a quiet mood all day and now my whole family thinks I’m sick, and mad at them, and going through teen angst or something.

got turning tables by adele stuck in my head.

reallly tired, so im gonna hit the sack. TRACK TRYOUTS tomorrow :O wish me luck

pretty pretty please don’t be last when we run the mile

hanging with friends over prezzie day

so……i went to friend AH’s house on saturday!

on the way there i picked up some movies from our local blockbuster thats closing down. sad, isn’t it? netflix taking over. I’ve got good memories at blockbuster. anyway, i got it’s a boy girl thing, bratz, and the grudge. for my sleepover with bestie EMC….a horror movie, and two chick flicks for before and after so we don’t get nightmares. strategy, see?

at friend AH’s i met her dying dog, and it was adorable, she has tons of pets, and she’s not a technology person at all, which is great. she had a tree house, and we sat up there and people watched. then we walked to the pool to see if it was open, and it was. so we went back and changed, and went to the pool. we borrowed keys from her neighbors.

btw, she’s really close with her neighbors. they always have their doors open and their pets run around outside without supervision and go into each other’s houses. its pretty cool.

she lives next to this popular girl, and she was walking on her treadmill backwards, staring at us as we walked by. so awkward.

anyway, at the pool, we talked and ate a ton of snacks. she’s so insanely skinny, it doesn’t look healthy, but then again i know she’s super fit and would never be anorexic. but its creepy. its like she never gets bloated or anything. all muscle and bone.

thats her attempting a hand stand lol. we gave up.

we played polar bear jump for a while. we got all red. 🙂

then some older teens, like seniors or so, came knocking on the pool door. apparently they forgot their key. we were in the pool, and we were just like ‘you do it’ and ‘no you do it!’. the people out there were super pissed, and were like ‘are you even old enough to be here alone?’ and ‘so immature little bitches.’ i didn’t want to go so they don’t see how stick straight i was, and idk why she didn’t want to. so we didn’t open the door, and when they left we burst out laughing. but then they came back! it was so awkward, and they came in and just gave us death stares.

we got out (and they immediately got in when we left) and talked in the fresh air. it was nice. we tried to rescue a bee, but drowned it instead, then we made a ladybug a home. the whole time it was so fun, i almost forgot how skinny she was and how not i was compared to her. i flexed the whole time 🙂

then we went to her park and played on the monkey bars like little kids. then we went home, changed, drove to sprouts and picked up some food. i got a banana nut muffin…so good.

then i had to go home

and then i rushed and showered and went to our youth girls’ meeting. we really didn’t do anything.

then we went to the counter, which is now officially the best burger place in the world. me and friend KW got the weirdest burger ever, with onions and cranberries and goat cheese and pesto sauce, BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. friend EMC, SW, and AN got a boring boring old cheeseburger.

it was hard to eat, so i mashed it up and ate it with a fork

. doesn’t that look good?

we went to panera and hung out without buying anything. then my dad came and picked up me and bestie EMC, and we went to her house for a sleepover. no parents home!

we were gonna watch the grudge, but she chickened out. so just the two chick flicks. i feel asleep in the middle of bratz.

woke up early the next morning, ate a cinnamon muffin from sprouts (amazing. how do they do it?), and then my mom picked us up. we went running around my neighborhood, and i was gonna try to impress her, but turns out her knee is like blown or something, because it hurt every 5 seconds. we walked, which sucked.

we ended up doing cartwheels in the grass outside the gym haha.

then we went to church (no shower – we didn’t sweat enough for that) and that was fine too. but then getting 4 hours of sleep a night for the past week started to sink in on me, and i just zoned out.

dropped her off on the way home, and went to friend PS’s house.

i was late 😦

we ate a ton of savannah smiles, then we headed out and walked around her neighborhood. then we went to our old middle school, DNO, and hopped the fence and left a message to our old history teacher, mr. S. he was the best.

then we explored some creepy trails.

then we went to her old elementary school where they had the coolest playground in the world.

we played handball, and i kicked her butt.

then we walked home.

we hung out in her room for a while, then we cooked pasta and slathered it with pesto and sat and watched this top 100 female artists on tv. madonna got number one. we then went to her room and ate a whole box of girl scout cookies. (thin mints) we took milk, too, and used the thin mint as a straw and sucked milk through it. SO GOOD.

then it was late and i had to go home.

ate broccoli – something healthy finally!

today, i was going to go running but i didn’t. todays my getting stuff done day…

yup! super fun, and super tiring.

ps. i’ve decided i like adding pictures into posts. way more fun to read, am i right?

president’s day skiing!

well last friday i went skiing!

my family was gonna go, but my mom couldn’t and our friends had one spot in their car so i hitched a ride with them. my brothers didn’t go..

but it was really fun. i woke up at like 4:30, got ready, then waited for an hour because they decided to leave at 6:30 instead of 5:30. and didn’t tell me. thats cool…

slept on the way there. i had ‘twice’ by little dragon on repeat.

we rented skis from leroy’s, then hit the slopes 🙂

of course i got stuck teaching the newbies again. i get the feeling that’s why they agreed to bring me. anyway, JW did pretty good, and i decided he’s not as obnoxious as before. I’m getting good at teaching.

btw, it was realllllllly warm. i took off my heavy duty ski jacket, and literally wore just a thin t shirt, and i wasn’t cold. it was like 45 degrees F!

he took a break, and whaddaya know, i get stuck with another newb, my friend KW. so i force her down some intermediate slopes, and she goes painfully slow but she did good. once she got stuck on fresh snow (that i, admittedly, lured her on because it was just so SMOOTH and NICE, and i thought it would be fun to play in) for like half an hour.

then we saw JW and WP’s dad and mom, so we caught up to them. then we spotted WP himself (pro skier! he sups good – went down the walllll no biggie) and we spent like an hour going down the same slopes trying to catch up to each other because no one would wait!

then we took another intermediate slope and then we were done.

we left early ( 😦 ) and drove down. the sun was setting, so i took like 100 pics of the sunset. GORGEOUS….maybe i’ll post one.


Hey whaddaya know, i did!

i was in a coldplay mood, so i just put them on repeat, and now I’mobsessed with ‘violet hill’.

we dropped by a cheap chinese restaurant, and that was pretty fun. I’ve decided WP isn’t that bad either.

got home early, and watched a whitney houston biography till 12.