friends over break

so i was feeling like a loner after realizing that all my friends weren’t available.

but then suddenly i had too many commitments! funny how that works.

so on sunday we went to church and i was super hyper and i was in such a good mood. then i went to piano, and i did ok. and then i saw Best friend MC!!!!!! we talked, and i remember i said something about being judged, and she said ‘i know you too well to judge you.’ that just stuck with me, that i have a person that knows me like that. i wish i saw her more often.

anyway, my good mood was dampened a bit when my dad picked me up 2 hours late after i explicitly told him i HAD to be picked up right on time because Friend EC was coming over…..two other students went by!

so i was in a bad mood on the way home. but then we picked up friend EC, and we had so much fun! we watched youtube videos of   really sad genetic disorders and birth defects and stuff, and somehow we went to british people doing american accents (harry potter cast, anyone?), and then we spent the rest of the time trying to learn australian. HAHA

i realize how much i never see her, either. she’s leaving in March, to go to a full online school so she can concentrate on ballet. i feel like she is throwing her life away. what if she injures herself? her career would be over….her whole life revolves around ballet. right now, she’s trying to lose weight. she’s on a really strict diet. 3 small bowls of blended vegetables a day, protein pills, and fruit. no grains at all. 10 cups of water.

and her parents support this. i gave her my pair of 00 jeans that no one can fit into and she slipped them right on….getting a little worried, especially since she still thinks she’s fat.

anyway, on tuesday, i ran my little trek. i got under 18 minutes!

around 2, my friend TG came and picked me up and we went to this awesome thrift shop on the boardwalk where i bought the best jeans ever! they are stretchy, and soft, and have almost a velveteen feel to them…

then we walked to the beach, and i saw my brother E and his free running club. i hid. 🙂

i chased birds like a freak because there was no one i knew. but then we saw some popular guys who saw me….and i really hope they didn’t recognize me. we walked a bit, and we talked.

she told me a lot of things that were really personal and secret. like she used to cut herself. and how she felt about certain people, and just little thoughts. i was really surprised, actually. and taken aback. i would never tell anyone my problems, because i have trust issues. but do most people tell each other this stuff? is that what friends do? friend tell me stuff, but……i just can’t bring myself to tell them. someday….

we were on the playground just talking, and her mom came and picked us up. it turned into one of those spontaneous sleepovers. we got home, ate mexican, and watched a bad adventure flick called the seventh sign with demi moore, then a chick flick called miss congeniality with sandra bullock. drank a lot of tea.

then we went upstairs and talked for like 3 hours. then i slept……

got up, talked more, then i ate breakfast and went home. i watched a ton of tv (WOWP is ending!) then did piano and then did a practice ISEE test. i got 90%! not good enough at all! I’m gonna cram all week.

today, in spanish, we were going to switch seats, but of course our class actually talks the teacher out of it!

band, we worked on tuning each note to for our specific instruments. i was all over the place. it would be super sharp for 2 notes, then go flat, then be perfect, then back out. weirrrrrdddd

during lunch, i talked to friend KS for the first time in a while. we walked to the lunch line, and i saw crush V, and i was going to say hi. i was. i was working up the guts, but instead i just acted all obnoxious and happy and oblivious. like an immature freshman. he told me he doesn’t like typical freshman. why did i do that????!!!!

friend EC saw me and went out and looked excited to see me! YYAY

5th, we switched seats. again. its decent, I’ve got one friend.

tutoring went ok. i got my math done, and me and friend JS had somewhat some fun.

got home, did nothing…..i downloaded all the songs I’ve been meaning to for a while. got some oasis, some strokes, and rise against.

OMG rise against is awesome! I’m obsessed with their song ‘savior’. i downloaded it two days ago and its got 30 plays. literally. maybe 31 now.

also, just some thinking out loud, its february 1st! does that seem insane to anyone? it goes by so fast…..2012 is 1/12 over! and I’m so not even close to used to it….life is going by too fast

in summary, life’s going good.



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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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