jazz band

so yeah its a thursday and i finally wore this outfit i have literally had set for 3 months.

2 went fine. i really am becoming good friends with Friend AH. bestie sort of ignores me in that class. she has this whole other group of friends, and I’m a little jealous. i guess i like having all these friends and her always coming to me. i liked feeling like the center……and her depending on me. don’t we all?

4 went fine too. we got our ballots back from the tournament. of course I’m fourth speaker. another one, though, i actually got better than bestie. and then i got 2nd (bestie got 1st)

we went 1-3. as in we won 1, lost 3. we didn’t get our last ballot from the TP team, though.

after that, we watched Friend JS and frenemy KM’s duo about the movie tangled. it was awful.

then there were some impromptu duos: one on the hangover that was pretty good and really funny, then one on mean girls with this new kid (oh yeah, there’s a new kid, H. his hair is greasy….thats all i got from him), and one by crush V and P on our regular debate class. crush V was prezzie, and P was friend AF and everyone else, and it was super funny. Crush V really got the weird jerky movements of our prezzie, and his strange facial expressions. and P got the whole hyperactive cheerleader thing. really funny, overall. then V pretended to make fun of himself like prezzie always does……

then on our way to our FCA club, bestie brought up the whole jazz band thing. i was so sick of it. she was being selfish and wanted the piano part all to herself, and somehow managed to twist it so that it was ME trying to take over her spot, trying to ‘steal’ her spotlight. i bet she talked about me behind my back, too. i gave it to her nice, though, all ‘I’m sorry if i get competitive, i didn’t notice at all, all i want is one song, i could ask for half but i didn’t’. of course she then goes ‘are you shouting at me now?’ NO YOU IDIOT.

anyway, it was awkward after that.

i went to english, and it went really good. we switched seats, and I’m next to nice girl MH. i think the teacher saw i had no friends and tried to rig it in my favor when she saw i was warming up on MH, haha.

then we got new study buddy things, and i two guys actually asked to be my partner! who knew?

Tutoring went ok, also. i ate a ton of skittles, though. not good. i got a chunk out of my essay for english done.

my dad didn’t pick us up, so we decided to start walking home. on the way, we see our brother E zoom by us jumping and waving like idiots, so we had to walk BACK. haha its funny now that i look back on it, us running and yelling after his car.

jazz band, i set up the keyboard by myself. the whole time, my bass was horribly out of tune and just the wrong sound because apparently some retard came in and messed with it. i turned the volume all the way down.

just got home and pigged out on baked squash, which has got to be my favorite thing of all time.

just boring overall.


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