nice day

today was surprisingly pleasant.

i wore this black thin lace shirt that was tracery (big word! yes….studying paying off…) with a white tank under it because I’m not a slut. i was gonna go boob tube, like ‘elegant’, but in high school it would have translated into ‘desperate whore’ so……

i brought broccoli for lunch! my fav….and I’m not just saying that. i legitly LOVE broccoli.

2nd went decent. we did this lab on photosynthesis where you literally COUNT the number of bubbles a plant produces. like you sit there and watch it until your eyes go blurry.

in debate we segregated right away, so there went crush v. but i didn’t really mind. like, i cared and stuff, but not as much as i would have like a month ago….definitely getting over him.

so we got a lesson on OO (original oratory) and it sucked because now we have to give one. rough draft by friday, memorized by tuesday. ugh.

oh and my shirt. friend JS stared at it for a bit, then complimented it, then 5 minutes later, she wanted to borrow it haha. friend EMC thought it was really pretty, but not my personality at all. (apparently my personality is vintage, slightly boyish, and just not girly and lace)

while we were supposed to be brainstorming (which no one did because all the people in this class are slackers. all the debate-lovers went into the other esoteric room (big word!)), i studied my big words. if you can tell. i got through like 100.

during lunch i hung out my oldies again. it was pretty fun, and i got a ton of compliments on the shirt.

6th went really good, too. guy S talked to me, which i really don’t care about, but hey its something. we worked on these mini group presentations, and i was being placed in another group when nice girl MH raised her hand and told the teacher that my topic was in the same group as hers. i don’t know if she did that on purpose to be with me, or if she was just letting the teacher know just because, but it went well either way.

tutoring was fun, too. we worked on matrices, and friend JS and I were just dying of laughter because we were so stupid because we looked like idiots hunched over the textbook going ‘multiply THIS by THIS plus THis and THIS……’ sooooo funny.

then my bro gave me his phone; apparently SNK H called me. this was our convo:

H: Hello?

M: Hellllllo?????? who is this?

H: SNK H….

M: oh…..ok….hi?

H: are you going to State quals (debate tournament)

M: no….. we’ve gone over this many times….

H: well what was the reason?

M: i didn’t want to…..

H: well do you want to go with me? my partner dropped out.

M: ummmm

H: please?

M: i don’t want to….sorry.

H: come one,…

M: no……

then i suggested a few other partners, but he just shrugged it off, he was like, ‘no, i don’t want to go with him.’ why? i didn’t get it. like, those people were WAAAAY better than me. poor guy. he’s pretty good, too.

anyway, finished up. walked out, got home.

nice day 🙂


*edit: i forgot when this happened but it was around this date. so its going here. but crush V said hi!  YES HE DID. i was waiting at the gate (it was friday) with my bro and he walks out, sees me and goes ‘hey ____!’. then, after a pause, …bro K.



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