so today was just catch up on my work and stuff I’ve been too lazy to do day.

except not really, because i was still too lazy today and i didn’t do much of it.

i got some homework done (over prez weekend! what sort of a teacher DOES that?), didn’t go running even though track try-outs are tomorrow (which i am FREAKING out about….), cleaned my disgusting room (a week of neglect + super busy weekend all over the place = piles of clothes and random bags all over the floor = teenage junkyard.), played piano (and got away with it at piano lessons – she was super happy today! said i was really good! i NEVER hear that..), played flute (kinda… 5 minutes), and watched tv (got nothing to say in here but its nice to keep with the parallel structure right?).

basically….that was it.

oh i went to costco. if that counts for anything at all.a

but yeah. boring, boring day. it kind of sucked, too. i was in a quiet mood all day and now my whole family thinks I’m sick, and mad at them, and going through teen angst or something.

got turning tables by adele stuck in my head.

reallly tired, so im gonna hit the sack. TRACK TRYOUTS tomorrow :O wish me luck

pretty pretty please don’t be last when we run the mile


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