parents fighting

I hate my dad. I don’t know  what’s going on, or how it started, but from my room right now on a cloudy Saturday morning, I hear my parents, outside, my dad screaming for the entire neighborhood to hear, at my mom. He’s calling her a fucking asshole whore. He’s telling her to leave ‘his’Continue reading “parents fighting”

bad day yesterday

ok, so i decided to cut some food out from my school lunch. bad idea. you have no idea how horrible i felt yesterday….during track, my head and stomach was pounding and i felt like fainting the entire time. file under NEVER AGAIN. but the rest of the time went well. i did ok onContinue reading “bad day yesterday”

acquire the fire (3/23 – 3/25)

so on friday I’m gonna skip all the school stuff cuz theres nothing i really care about. track was fine. we worked on relays. then we went to acquire the fire. its this christian convention thingy. the thing is, i was so tired and exhausted that i was literally falling asleep during even the loudContinue reading “acquire the fire (3/23 – 3/25)”

3/16 – 3/18

On Friday I was in a good-ish mood. Spanish went extremely fun for some reason I cant recall…. Then I got to skip out on band because I went to my mom’s office to tweak the retainer thingy…..i ended up sittin gin a room waiting for like 2 hours, then taking like 5 impressions ofContinue reading “3/16 – 3/18”

bummer track meet and jazzy (3/14 – 3/15)

  so yesterday i got to wear my spirit tshirt! i felt super preppy and peppy  haha. but that might have to do with getting up late start……yup. i had a great eating day again, super balanced! I’m gonna start a food journal. i found out i have a B in spanish. it sucks. I’mContinue reading “bummer track meet and jazzy (3/14 – 3/15)”


well there is one thing. i got to (sort of) sleep in today, because all the sophomores had to take this state test and everyone else was forced to go to school and sit for 3 hours and do nothing. no joke. i kid you not, nothing. apparently the school needs a certain amount ofContinue reading “yeah….nothing”


i’ve been so tired lately and just so sluggish. i think its partly beasue of the whole waiting list thing. so i had 1-3-5 today. spanish went ok, as did band. lunch went decent as well, and 5th i actually fell asleep. then i realized later that there was a mark from the fabric ofContinue reading “regular”

cm and EXETER :(

yesterday was the day. THE DAY. march 10th. the day i was supposed to get the exeter/andover decisions…. i moped around all day dying for a letter, i checked the mail ten times, and i read countless threads on when it was supposed to come, etc. then i checked my mom’s email today…. and iContinue reading “cm and EXETER :(“

nightmare or dream?

that dream in my previously post? i went and looked up what it might mean. here what i got. Bicycle To dream that you are riding a bicycle signifies your desires to attain a balance in your life. You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings. If youContinue reading “nightmare or dream?”