cruising (2/3 – 2/4)

so life is going pretty good right now.

i know that when you act happy, people are drawn to you and you become real-happy (like fake it till you make it) but tons of the time i just don’t feel like acting happy when i really feel like crap.

but turns out its true, and i really gotta start doing it more.

anyway, yesterday went really great.

i lazed about all day on the mac checking out street style pictures (LOVE!) and watching tv and doing homework and cleaning my room. totally uneventful.

went to a bday party. i gave my friend JC a universal gift card (regift – bday, but who’s keeping tabs?) and a crappy looking but really long and thoughtful card. i got there and i knew basically everyone so i was acting all crazy. we played sardines outside, then we watched a movie (tower heist), then two guys came and ding dong ditched her house.

you know, I’m not close enough to any guys enough for them to ding dong ditch my house. i really wish i was….i wonder how that feels. any way, on of them was this jerk that i don’t particularly like (who am i kidding….i hate him) so i was sort of glaring at him when he catches my eye and gives me this buttface ‘hey ____’. all, ‘I’m so much cooler than pitiful you.’ i gave him this cold ‘hello.’ and that was the end of it. it sort of made things awkward, though, because everyone could tell the hate injected into that word.

we ditched them and went and ate cake. coldstone ice cream cake. i ate like 4 slices. I’m guessing about 500 calories (and I’m not exaggerating) and 30 grams of saturated fat. i couldn’t help it!

i had a hyper bout from that, and i suddenly grabbed JC and told her i loved her so much. then friend PS started to tickle me and i died.

yup. thats me when i eat sugar. especially 4 slices of coldstone cake….

i got home around 10, slept right away. haha theres the crash.

woke up today, ate breakfast (cinnamon with granola!) and did extra workout to make up for the cake. its gonna take a long time.

played piano because my test is coming up and i absolutely suck. I’m actually starting to panic.

then we were about to leave for church with bro E driving (since my mom was gone) and suddenly my dad freaks out about it. he’s all,’you’re not driving my kids!’ so mom had to COME BACK HOME and send us…wow. annoying. i had this little anger thing while playing the piano….a minor tantrum. its how i relieve stress!

got to church super duper late (thanks, dad) and had a talk. we missed the actual part so it was just hanging out, really. i brought a sandwich and a banana instead of the church food because 1) its disgusting and 2) its insanely unhealthy.\

i didn’t really talk to friend EMC. she talked to frienemy SW. honestly, i know that between us two, she would choose frenemy SW in a heartbeat, and that really shows. she totally ignores me when SW’s around. great friend, huh?

i played pingpong when friend KW left. EMC and SW off somewhere, and i didn’t feel like going and finding them and then feeling left out, so i hung with the nerdy guys. it was way fun……i guess it always is when you don’t care how you look like, or what they think about you.

i was super energetic (probably the weather…it was 80 degrees!) so i did cartwheels all over the way out. we went shopping for bro E’s shoes. i like it when its just us three kids. we play music, laugh, have a great time. like no stress.

we checked out ross, then famous footwear. he ended up buying nothing.

got home, snuck in the back door so our dad wouldn’t know E drove us home. that was pretty fun.

I’m going to miss my brothers so much.


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