ERC leaves (3/5)

K so monnnndayyyyy

Was my best friend ERC’s last day at school.

Was the first day I ever failed a test in my entire life.

Was the first day I made a new friend at track.


So lets start from the beginning……

I woke up right on time, ate breakfast. I finalllllly wore my tribal-print tank top that Friend AD gave me! You have no idea how long ive waited for that.

I got to school and goofed off with friend AH….stacking pencils and erasers and seeing how high we could get it and whatnot.

And then….IT happened.

I GOT MY TEST GRADE BACK. And it was ……….15%. not wrong. Correct! I got 15% correct! That is an F. scratch that, that is BELOW an F. that is insanely below an F.

It was the lowest grade in the class. How did I possibly go from being the top, highest grade on the test (the 100% on the curve) to the LOWEST?????

And you know what sucks even more? It’s the beginning of the semester, so that tanks my grade to an F as well.

AND, friend EMC got the highest grade!

AND, mr teacher decided that no more lunch test corrections, so guess what, since I cant come after school, I have to come in the morning. At 6:30 am. Yes. That is before I wake up.

Thennnnnnnnn I had the joy of saying goodbye to my best friend.

Thennnnnnn I had the joy of going to debate, ignoring crush V, then going to lunch and spending my last lunch ever with my best friend.

Then I went to 6th, which was ok. We had this assembly about our schedules next year, which I am totally stressing about because I cant fit everything into my schedule. I walked with nice girl MH.

Then back in class, PGF M (my old crush, nerdy guy, cusses a lot but hes super nice on the inside) was talking to me and that was ok. Hes funny.

At track, I went with jumpers. I tried the whole ‘fake it till you make it’ ‘act happy’ thing and it totally worked. I now have a new friend, J. shes a little dorky, but shes nice.

We did stairs and sprints and then ab work. Turns out my morning workouts are working since I wasn’t groaning quite as much as some others.

I just got home….


Sucky day overall.


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