early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)


Lots going onnnnn

So on Tuesday, it was 1-3-5. Guess what I got to do? Remember that test I ‘failed’ oh-so uncharacteristically? Well, turns out, I just bubbled in the wrong test form. I actually got minus 4……a 93%.

And guess how I found that out?


Yes. Add in the fact that it was 40 degrees and I forgot a jacket, and then I had nothing to do for 2 hours because I forgot my ipod. Sukkkkks.

Anyway, that day went ok. I mean, I went to 1st period all messed up and friend PS and I were having fun acting all high.

Then it was 3rd, and I got to go to this academic breakfast thing that you get when you have a gpa of 4.0 or higher. I got a banana nut muffin, and if you know me, that if pretty much my favorite thing….banana nut anything.

I went back to band and practiced piano instead of flute for an hour because the instructor wasn’t there AGAIN.

Lunch I walked down with friend DS and annoying girl CC and talked to my counselor. I honestly don’t know how im going to fit it…..i want to take Spanish 3 over the summer online, then skip 4 and go straight to AP Spanish. Somehow people don’t think that’s a good idea……

5 went ok,…..i took an easy test (like always)

yup. Track I practiced jumps (stairs) and then hurdles.

NOW for today…….very eventful.

2 went ok. Friend AH was super tired today so I did her notes for her…..but she is horrible at sleeping in class because shes a goody goody so she ended up doing it herself.

Then debate…..we got a lecture on interps then the varsity went into their other room like always.

We played hangman and basically had fun until a varsity comes and goes ‘pst…..come into this room.’ Then Varsity HO goes ‘nuh-uh’ and talks to us. Turns out they’re plotting to get our teacher fired, and they are signing a petition. Then they call us again and theirs this whispered, angry fight. We go to the other room and its super tense in there. They are fighting about how the class is gunna be run, etc. their cussing each other out, and we feel so unwelcome. Then SNK H is on the verge of tears, and everyone’s hating on each other, so me and friend EMC just leave, but friend JS and KM are still in there.

Later, at lunch, they filled us in. after we left, the varsity got even more tense, screaming and yelling at each other. Thye are all so mean…its strange. I always thought they were friends, but ive always noticed them snubbing each other and talking behind each others backs. I could never be in that much drama…..and I don’t even think I like crush V anymore. He was so rude…..and he also like friend AF, and she likes him. But that’s honestly not the reason, I just think he’s a jerk in that class. Outside he’s super nice.

Anyway, after that I went to 6th, which was boring and fine. I said hi to PGF M.

Then was our first track meet! We were stressing out right off the bat because our spikes were the wrong size, so we had to unscrew every single spike and rescrew the good ones back on….and my event was the first one up. Long jump. I went over there and got my mark, and waited around until my hurdles coach comes screaming at me because I haven’t checked in for hurdles. So I run across the entire field, check in, run back. I get in two jumps before time’s up and that’s it. I was pretty happy with my jump….it was my personal best. I got 13’8’’ the first one and 12’9’’ the second.

Then I ran off to hurdles and got first in my heat! I got 20.22 for the 100 m. on the way out, crush V caught up to me and told me great job.

Then I sat around until the sprints, and I got 2nd in my heat…..15.33 for the 100 m. good for the first time right?

THEN I sat around until the 300 m hurdles. Which were horrible. I was the only new person, and I just did it for the heck of it. I got second to last…..

So I started off sprinting, and I was first for the first 3/4 of the race. Then, as I finished the corner and was halfway through the straight, my legs started to feel weak and almost gave out! I was almost jogging across the finish line…..after the last hurdle I knew I wasn’t winning so I did this little whoot whoot in loser celebration haha.

Then my brother ran, and he got last but it didn’t matter! I met him at the finish line and screamed for him. He really had no chance…..it was his first time, and he went varsity. He was against the first guy in our state. That very guy actually FELL down during the race, but got up and still won by a landslide. (like 2 whole hurdles.)

Then bestie EMC ran her 200 m sprint. She was the only one in her heat, which basically meant she ran alone. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, I was with her at the start, then I ran screaming and yelling and cheering with friend MB across the field like an immature freshman and jumped up and down for her at the finish line. She got last, but whatever!

Then I had to leave early, and I went to piano.

I played horriblely.

I chatted crush V on fb because I just want to try being totally platonic friends (like siblings) so I gave him a totally platonic ‘hey dude good job at the meet today’ no answer. Wow. Real nice guy right?

Then i just found out that my brother was suspended from his track team (he goes to a rival school) because he drove to the meet. Yes. because he did not take the bus, because he lives right next to our school and it would be pointless to go on the bus, go back on the bus, then drive all the way back exactly where he came from. plus, he even got consent from a coach!

its ridiculous, and it ruined his senior. you have no idea how excited he was….

End of story.


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