cm and EXETER :(

yesterday was the day. THE DAY. march 10th. the day i was supposed to get the exeter/andover decisions….

i moped around all day dying for a letter, i checked the mail ten times, and i read countless threads on when it was supposed to come, etc.

then i checked my mom’s email today….

and i got it.



i know that they take no one off the wait list, ever, because who would turn down exeter?  I’m depressed.

but deep down i have this teeny tiny hope that somehow a spot will be open and they will choose me, but thats just a dream.

here’s the email.

Sent: Sat, Mar 10, 2012 3:08 am
Subject: Exeter Admission Decision

Dear ______,

After long and careful consideration, the Admissions Committee has decided to place your name on the Waiting List for the Fall of 2012. You are a talented student whom the Committee admires.
Detailed information has been mailed to you with instructions for communicating your continued interest.
By agreement, the members of the Ten Schools Admissions Organization will discuss decisions starting March 15. If you have questions, please hold your communications until that date.
Phillips Exeter Academy Admissions
Ref ID: _______
and nothing from andover, which automatically means i didn’t get in. lets hope i was wait listed, not rejected…
so after that i alternated between moping around, looking up threads on how the wait lists go, and practicing piano for the cm test.
i was panicking bc i kept forgetting my pieces, but when i went today it went great. i didn’t play that well, the the judge was really nice, and honestly the person before me was so terrible he didn’t even finish the song. i think that may have affected the judge’s judgment.
but after each piece she made little murmurs to herself like ‘excellent, excellent’ and stuff like that, and after she told me i had a real gift for piano. then asked if i was a dancer, because i had that kind of body. random???
then asked me what song i would play for the recital that comes when you finish the 10 levels and you are selected, which basically meant she recommended  me for that. so that’s good…..
then i went to the written theory test, and i saw SNK H across the room. i got in after him, and got out before him. ha.
his mom was talking to mine outside, and apparently he talks about me. ???? to his mom?
then we drove home and went to henry’s on the way (or should i say sprouts) and bought a crapload of fruit and nuts. yummmmmm

One thought on “cm and EXETER :(

  1. Ik this is an old post, but this year as a prospective prep I was wait listed too.
    Your description of your anxious apprehension perfectly matched my own feelings on that dreadful day. (DAY OF DEATH, MAR 10!!!)
    Being wait listed is better than being rejected, but still
    is to hope for admission a crime?

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