i’ve been so tired lately and just so sluggish.

i think its partly beasue of the whole waiting list thing.

so i had 1-3-5 today. spanish went ok, as did band. lunch went decent as well, and 5th i actually fell asleep. then i realized later that there was a mark from the fabric of my cardigan on my face….oh well.

track went boring. our sprints coach wasn’t there AGAIN so we ran like 2 miles and left.

i had a great eating day. in this order: oatmeal, a bag of carrots, an apple, a sandwich with turkey, cheese, and apples, half a yam, half a quesadilla with guacamole in it, and 3 bowls of this buddha’s delight thing but with meat. gooooood. and i had almonds throughout the day.

i didn’t really do hw….or anything really.

i basically stalked these artsy hot skater guys on fb. i don’t know any of them….haha thats what fb is for huh? lets call them BP, JS, SJ, and a few others. hot. really, really, hot.

thats about it.

btw, i got a waiting list decision from andover as well. not a surprise, really.

disappointing day in general.


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