well there is one thing.

i got to (sort of) sleep in today, because all the sophomores had to take this state test and everyone else was forced to go to school and sit for 3 hours and do nothing. no joke. i kid you not, nothing. apparently the school needs a certain amount of ‘instructional minutes’ and making poor children sit in a classroom and sleep instead in their warm beds at home and sleep counts….

but of course everyone knows thats stupid so half the kids ditch. including me.

but i still had to get up because 1) my grandparents ran in at 7:15 yelling at me to get up (they didn’t know) and 2) i had to go to my mom’s office to get my weird retainer thing tweaked.

but it ended up as me sitting in the stupid dentist chair doing absolutely nothing while my mom rushed back and forth between other patients. of course the health of her children comes after patients, haha.

so thats how i spent my free 3 hours, and then my brother dropped me off at school. i got there late….

i talked to friend AH, and we are planning to run a 5K together! should be fun. i finally saw friend SS….she went on a week long skiing trip bc her family’s all intense about that stuff.

then lunch came after (the testing messed up the schedule) and i hung out with my old crowd. i actually had a good time. ever since i started hanging out with other people, I’ve felt out of sync with them because they have all these inside jokes i don’t know about, and when ever they invite me to hang out i never can.

then debate. i had two chocolate cupcakes friend JS made. we did nothing because of the shortened period, plus the nat quals people were prepping… always.

then 6th. i was the 1st one in there. it was boring.

track was fun. we did the team warmup, then friend MB, EMC and i had fun trying these weighted sleds where they are like 50 lbs and you push them across the field…apparently i accidentally grabbed the guy one…..the really heavy one. i gave up 5 yds from the finish line haha.

btw, i had a ponytail on and I’ve discovered i love to flip it. plus i love swinging it while i walk or run, or jump…  makes me feel so peppy and cheerleader-y haha. i think i love it.

then we were putting away the weights and crush V came up to me and was like, here take it. (jokingly) only contact I’ve had with him for a while…..he says hi to me and EMC, but i can’t tell if he’s only saying hi to EMC.

then i hopped on over to long jump, where they literally finished up with technique right when i got there. i have been waiting for two weeks to do long jump technique. ugh.

so i went to hurdles, where it was pretty fun. the coach seems to think i have more potential, since she signed me up for the event without my asking and my friends didn’t get to sign up at all. i think its because i came first in my heat last meet.

we finished up and went home.

i ate a ton of food. like 2000 calories today.

i had no hw (yay!) so i just read twilight over and over and then surfed the web for a while.


you know what? I’m looking forward to a lot of stuff right now…..making banana bread this weekend for my brother’s birthday, the track meet tomorrow, spanish with friend PS……lifes going fine. i feel like I’m cruising.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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