bummer track meet and jazzy (3/14 – 3/15)


so yesterday i got to wear my spirit tshirt! i felt super preppy and peppy  haha. but that might have to do with getting up late start……yup. i had a great eating day again, super balanced! I’m gonna start a food journal.

i found out i have a B in spanish. it sucks. I’m depressed….first B ever…..it feels terrible.

my friend broke up with her boyfriend…..

band was boring.

lunch was ok….i just hung out with my old friends again and there was this nasty ‘pie eating contest’ for pie day, but they were like these creme oatmeal cookies, and you had to stuff as many as you could in your mouth in 31.4 seconds, and swallow it later. this guy had like 10 cookies hanging out of his mouth, and when the buzzer went off he was just sitting there concentration on poking the cookies into his mouth…..ugh. so gross you have no idea.

5 went boring.

track meet! i was slightly smarter this time about the whole checking in and spikes and whatnot, and i ran across the length of the field only about 3 times this week.

i did bad in long jump. i scratched the first (by like a half-inch, lady! just let it go!). i did a bad jump the second, like 12-9. and i did a horrible jump the 3rd….i thought i was gonna scratch again so i took this really weirdly long stride and i sucked at like 11-9. ugh.

then i went to hurdles and i got 2nd in my heat, which was decent but disappointing. i got a 19-20. i think thats ok for a 2nd timer, right?

then we waited around until 100 sprints, where i got 2nd to last, with a  15-something. bad.

then i tried the 200 m, and that was bad. just bad. last in my heat. like 31 seconds. sigh.

throughout the meet my mom was there, too, nagging me about wearing a jacket. i love my mom, but i really didn’t want her there, bc meets are to hang out with friends, not to have your mom following you around….

that night we got into a heated argument. multiple heated arguments, over nothing. on the way to piano, we yelled at each other for not understanding iTunes, then it was about piano, and then it was about how bad a mood i was in.


i slept late.



then, today, i got up at the regular time, which was torture. i wore a parisan-inspired boat neck striped shirt with skinny jeans and combat boots.

2 went fun.

4 went great. we are working on duos (with EMC) and our obsession for a certain teeny-bopper star inspired us to chose hannah montana episode 1. I’m hannah, jackson, and amber, and she’s everyone else. i like what we’re doing with it. crush v came over and was like ‘do you need help?’ and we were like, ‘nah, no one knows more about hannah than we do.” 🙂

we went into the other room and tried to get through the script, dying and lying on the floor cracking up.

lunch we went to FCA and we got jambe juice!

6 was ok. i talked to my counselor and turned in my schedule form. I’m sad that i have to do that….if i got into andover or exeter i wouldn’t be….

i talked to some girls i don’t really know so i would be a total loser, but i ended up just sitting there after a bit of awkward conversation.

track went fine. we ran stairs. he’s separated us into groups. we are the frosh girls group. only 4 of us are actually on the sprints squad, and we are the only ones that care. we ran stairs, then did some crazy-easy ab workouts.

then me and EMC walked out and had our thursday picnic (pesto pasta with egg-loaf!) when we saw SNK H. i yelled at him ‘what are you doing here so late?” and he obviously didn’t hear me because all he said was ‘hi!’. ?????

then later he came over and hung out with us since his parents came later or something. he’s nice, but sort of weird. when we went to go to jazz band, he came with us just cuz he had nothing better to do.

he helped set up the keyboard, then left. the instructor wasn’t there, so our band teacher directed us. she is so much more fun than the other one. we really went for the piece, and she does these hilarious impressions. then she let us rhythm section go early and taught me how to play ‘let it be’ but the beatles. did you know that none of the beatles read music? insane.

then we went off and goofed around, then when we left i forgot my track bag and this cute guy WB in our band class ran back and got it for me. d’awwwwwwww

good day overall.


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