3/16 – 3/18

On Friday I was in a good-ish mood. Spanish went extremely fun for some reason I cant recall….

Then I got to skip out on band because I went to my mom’s office to tweak the retainer thingy…..i ended up sittin gin a room waiting for like 2 hours, then taking like 5 impressions of my teeth since my jaw is so messed up it kept screwing up….yeah you try trying hard to keep your tongue out of a gooey mess of nasty stuff you just found out was made of ALGAE while working to keep drool from dropping out of your mouth…..ya get the idea bud.

While I was waiting there was this plate of cake….and crackers….and I had no chance. I ate like 500 calories of empty sweetness. The thing is, I don’t even like that stuff! It was just THERE….

So I got to school a little into 5 th period, and since I have no friends in that class I walked in wordlessly and no one noticed.

Track was fine. Turns out, im on the relay team! The freshman girls relay team….but whatever. I didn’t realize passing the baton was so complicated arg. But it was super fun and we laughed a ton.

I got home and was so tired but I managed to drag myself to church, no makeup. Im so proud of myself. Lately ive become more and more dependant upon makeup, and I think I needed this to prove to myself that I can go without and be confident.

I ate lentils at home, btw! With red bell peppers, sautéed onions and cilantro, and walnuts and cranberries. Sooo good….its always been my favorite. Plus, brussel sprouts on the side! The good type, cooked for a super long time so its not bitter anymore.

I slept right away….

Today was my brother’s birthday. We got up early and tried to make crepes, with were ok. Then I made banana bread, and it WAS SO GOOD. I took out a lot of the bad stuff, like I put in ¼ c sugar instead of 1 ½ C like the recipe called for. I substituted apple sauce in. then I added wheat flour instead of white, and cut the butter. But it was still amazing.

Then it happened.

My grandpa went out to get the mail…..

And there was this big package….

And I looked at it….

And it was from UCSD.

And I was so excited I tore it open and started screaming and yelling and jumping and I ran up to tell bro E and I smashed into a confused big brother. Then he saw it and started yelling too, and then our whole family was yelling and screaming and jumping and laughing and smiling and it was amazing.

Happy birthday, bro E.

We left to go shopping. We bought bro E and K converse shoes, and bro K a pair of jeans. (his first pair! He finally let in and bought jeans instead of cargo pants!) then I went and bought a beach cover up tank and vintage-looking elvis tee from H & M. abbey lee Kershaw is all over that store now. Its great.

It was pouring and we were soaked so we ran to this great hamburger place, the Counter. My and my mom got a rare beef, goat cheese with herb, bell pepper, sautéed onions, artichokes, grilled pineapples, ginger sauce, whole wheat bun burger! So good….a one pounder too. My brother K who eats like a pig ordered an entire one pounder….and finished it. Ugh.

Then we rushed home.

Great day. I going to miss my bro E so much, but im so happy for him at the same time…

Oh and I got a tumblr todat! Finally gave in…


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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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