aggagagag (3/19 – 3/22)

on monday, it was 2-4-6. my friend AH lent me this great book about lynne cox, and I’m addicted. debate went fine; we worked on our hannah montana duo and its insanely hilarious. 6 i think we did absolutely nothing, but i know that PGF M is awkward but nice.

track was ok that day.

on tuesday, 1-3-5 and late start. i can’t recall anything really, except that at lunch there was a swarm of bees so me and friend TG went to hide in the library while everyone else just acted like nothing was going on. we are either really smart or really wimpy….it was good, we got to bond, which i don’t usually get to do since she’s got all these friends i don’t really mesh with.

on wednesday, it was a late start again. i wore my batman tee! in debate, we had a sub who made us stay in the classroom to work on our duos, and it was really embarrassing because I’m there facing the wall doing a really loud italian accent, and the room goes dead silent and i turn around and EVERYONE is staring at me, then breaks out in laughter. including crush V. great.

then we had an away track meet! our first one! i got to leave class at 1, so literally 5 minutes in! i frantically changed, then on the way to the bus i cut myself on my spikes :(. those spikes have given me like 5 cuts on my legs…dangerous.

then on the way there i freaked out because the coach told me i couldn’t go home with my mom, and that i had to go on the bus. but i had piano lessons! so i freaked out, and moped. later, though, we ended up just going to piano late and the teacher being surprisingly un-pissed.

the meet went great. it was at school SP, and they were pretty good. i PRed at long jump! my new record is 14’5″, which is pretty impressive for me, since i have never jumped other than at the meets.  no practice, no nothing.

i also talked to this new guy, PGF N. he’s popular, and we were just walking awkwardly next to each other and i though, why not? plus i was in a good confident mood so i introduced myself and we had a fun convo. he’s nice. i hope we become friends.

i did the 100m sprints, as well. i was the only one from my school. i got 1st in my heat! my time was 14.29. i know htats not good, but its good for me.

we did the relay! turns out, we are the freshman team. it’s weird because i swear the people on JV are all slower than me. as in, we raced together i beat them by like 2 seconds but whatever. they have one fast person, and she’s a junior.

i didn’t do hurdles, but i should have! their school sucked!

i got to school, ran off the bus and into my mom’s car, and we sped to piano. i did ok.

slept like a baby last night, overslept in fact. i rushed to school late.

friend PS was absent, but i walked out with friend TG. band was ok, but I’ve been doing really bad this week. my flute is insanely flat, even with the head joint pushed all the way in and rolled out a lot…..weird….

5 i had a test i think i did good on.

track was good/bad. we ran stadiums for punishment (someone dropped the baton yesterday).killer. four stairs, up and down each one, then sprint a lap. five of those.

then we pushed 20 lb sleds for 50 m, then went to starts and sprinted another 50. ten of those.

needless to say, i looked so gorgeous. i hid my face from crushV, but showed off my pushing the sled super fast. i know those workouts worked, because i was way fast.


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