acquire the fire (3/23 – 3/25)

so on friday I’m gonna skip all the school stuff cuz theres nothing i really care about.

track was fine. we worked on relays.

then we went to acquire the fire. its this christian convention thingy. the thing is, i was so tired and exhausted that i was literally falling asleep during even the loud worship time. it wasn’t just that, i was also weak from being sick and i just couldn’t take in anything they said.

same with the next morning. i was miserable throughout the thing, and tired, and uncomfortable in the seats.

but later on, during  the very last worship session, we decided (we being me and bestie EMC) to go down to the floor and sing with all the other excited, jumping screaming people and worship. and it was so much better. we laughed, and yelled, and sang at the top of our lungs, not caring how we sounded. in fact, me and my brother K put in makeshift earplugs made of tissue paper so our ears wouldn’t bust out, and sang loud nevertheless. needless to say, we oth probably sounded horrible, but we couldn’t hear ourselves so who cared?

and i remember looking over at him and seeing that he was singing. he was actually singing. I’ve always been worried about him, since he has some problems relating to people, and doesn’t seem to have a passion for anything. he has always been pretty withdrawn. so to see him singing god’s praises…was pretty great.

it was beautiful.

also, the christian band the afters played, so that was pretty cool.

i fell asleep on the way home.

today at church, i felt pretty bad from my allergies and whatnot.

I’m also pretty bummed that i got a new DNA appliance, and this one is absolutely horrifying. its like an entire centimeter thick, and i can’t close my mouth or talk. my lisp is worse than the last one. and worst of all, its shaped weirdly, so it gives my upper lip this protruding look. let me tell you, a super bad overbite is not attractive. i look like a sad duck. combined with my lisp, I’m sure no one will ever talk to me in public.

but tonight I’m going to see the hunger games! with my bestie ERC!!!!!! cannot wait…ive missed her since she left school….

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