bad day yesterday

ok, so i decided to cut some food out from my school lunch.

bad idea.

you have no idea how horrible i felt yesterday….during track, my head and stomach was pounding and i felt like fainting the entire time.

file under NEVER AGAIN.

but the rest of the time went well. i did ok on a quiz in spanish (which is important bc i have a B in that class, which is NOT OK), then in 3rd the instructor wasn’t there for some reason so i played ski on neon on my iPod.

during lunch everyone was talking about morp. apparently everyone was getting hot and heavy while i was at a christian conference. ironic, ya?

so according to everyone, half of my friends got down with a bunch of senior guys who decided to get some out of freshmen girls. of course, thats not the way they see it. they think they’re special, that it was a great experience, that its all part of high school. They don’t know the NAMES of the guys, they tell me they did not exchange ONE WORD with them, just, you know, grinding and he gets horny and decides to flip you around and make out.

its disgusting. just grinding is disgusting. this is why i don’t go to dances. i just wish my mother would stop hounding me to go, to make the most of ‘the high school experience’. no, mom, if only you knew…..i don’t want to be tempted. though it may be disgusting now, i feel that if i was at the dance, full of adrenaline and in the moment….ugh. no.

and today went a lot better.

to make up for yesterday, i brought chicken, a lentil wrap with cranberries, cheese, and turkey, some carrots and peanut butter, and a pear. no starving here.

nothing happened. i was so tired, though, i fell asleep in 6th. like actual sleep. i haven’t done that in a while.

track went bad. me and friend LN couldn’t get the hand off in our 4×1 relay right. we literally got it to me twice, and that was when we decided to go slow. we changed our mark like 10 times….probably more. our poor student coach got punished by our real coach for us, the freshmen screw ups…..

then i ran to jumps, got my mark, then headed to hurdles and i ran it like twice and that was all we had time for….

then i got home and my dad was throwing away a bunch of ‘junk’, and when i checked through it it was all the fathers day, birthday, and christmas presents i had carefully made for him over the years. he ‘didn’t know’. yeah, right dad. way to show you care.

so thats it for now. stressful wednesday-thursday coming up….lets see how this goes.


3 thoughts on “bad day yesterday

  1. That’s a douche move on your dads part. About the dance you should feel proud that you have that kind of control. At least you know that you aren’t ready to do those sorts of things yet.

  2. That was a douche move on your dads part. I could never throw out things that others gave me. But hey you should proud of yourself for wanting to stay in control. Don’t be like your friends, I’m sure you’ll be glad you waited one day,

    • thanks, but i want to defend my dad because he does get a lot of useless gifts from us. i mean, what was he going to do with my clay pot from 4th grade, or a pillow case i ‘sewed’ (stapled, haha)?

      thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot. its hard to stay focused…

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