parents fighting

I hate my dad.

I don’t know  what’s going on, or how it started, but from my room right now on a cloudy Saturday morning, I hear my parents, outside, my dad screaming for the entire neighborhood to hear, at my mom. He’s calling her a fucking asshole whore. He’s telling her to leave ‘his’ house right now, thats what she gets for stealing and spending all his money, making his life miserable, and nagging him everyday. Great for the neighbors, huh? What a show.

Sometimes I feel bad for him, but then he goes and ruins it with things like this. How am I supposed to respect him, to say thank you and hug him every night when I know that he does things like this?

Right now I just wish that he would leave. Its coming sooner or later anyway, I mean, he’s told me countless times that he’s going to China and never coming back, and that its all my fault for being rude to him. That if I didn’t pick up my act quick and side against mom he wouldn’t pay for me anymore….

What a pity party. I have it so much better than so many people. Its just hard being in the middle of it, I guess.


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