spring break and week after

So im actually on spring break, on a road trip. I haven’t had any time to post before, so here I am. Quick overview (probably not, itll be super long, just watch) Saturday was triton’s day (for UCSD, for my brother) so I just went too. There was an insane amount of traffic…once we wereContinue reading “spring break and week after”

last push till spring break

arg this week could not go any slower. on tuesday it felt like friday and I’m just so over school. on wednesday (yesterday) me and EMC presented our duo on hannah montana. it was pretty embarrassing because she laughed, then i laughed, and once i start laughing i’m gone because everyone watching laughs. so iContinue reading “last push till spring break”

injured :(

so yeah. i’m injured. last week at the track meet i gashed my leg with my track spikes and every time i bend my knee it splits open again…and its the most gorgeous thing ever. really. i wish my face was that gorgeous. nah actually it looks frankensteinish. but what it basically comes down toContinue reading “injured :(“