injured :(

so yeah. i’m injured. last week at the track meet i gashed my leg with my track spikes and every time i bend my knee it splits open again…and its the most gorgeous thing ever. really. i wish my face was that gorgeous.

nah actually it looks frankensteinish.

but what it basically comes down to is that i’m skipping track for a week. I’m really disappointed because after that comes spring break, and then ill be in horrible shape for the last few meets of the year. and i was just starting to get good at hurdles…

its actually really stupid how i cut myself. i literally had it on for 5 minutes, then i stretched into what i think is called the pigeon splits, and as i was getting up i managed to stick a spike into my knee, then pulled it through for a full 4 inches before being smart enough to pull out. and now i get to tell everyone that asks that, no, i didn’t cut myself looking all intense while winning a hurdles race, i pulled it stretching. and then i get that ‘how were you stupid and lame enough to do THAT???’ look…..

but whatever.

i had what was supposed to be a super relaxing weekend full of nothing but vegging out on the couch. nooooooo instead i have an insane essay on fahrenheit 451 (albeit a theme I’m really interested and proud of), studying for the first time ever for a math test, dying because i don’t understand the difference between preterite and imperfect tense in spanish, reading over my dad’s lawsuit file (‘just 20 minutes’  turned out to be 27 pages of law jargon. thanks, dad) and texting friends about how great a weekend they were having. my ‘restful break weekend’ i ve been looking forward to for the entire past week gave me about 6 hours of sleep each night. sigh.

but i actually do feel rested.

i had a reasonably good day. i made this great sushi, with a twist. if you ever read what i eat, you know my favorites always have pesto sauce, lentils, cranberries, feta or goat cheese, roasted chicken, broccoli….theres way more. but i stuffed my sushi with….

brown rice, cranberries, roasted chicken, pesto sauce, dried tomatoes, and feta cheese. good, eh?

then i made another one just for the heck of it with brown rice, apples, and peanut butter. that one was interesting.

good lunch day.

during debate we were assigned a reflection, but we ended up discussing it as a class with a socratic seminar thing. it was boring because i tuned out. the rest of the people who were quitting debate next year did all the talking for me. it was basically a list of complaints for this year.

lunch i just chilled with some friends, then 6th we peer edited my essay. i use a lot of flowery words, and my grammar is great, but i missed the prompt. joy. there goes 4 hours of work sunday night.

i went to the tutoring center and hung out.

then i came home and watched wizards on disney channel for 3 hours…..i think ill cry when it stops airing. its such a perfect mindless escape.


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