food for thought…..

makeup. makes you pretty. alls well and fine. right?

then why do i feel happiest without makeup? why, before i wore makeup, i was completely content with my appearance? i look back on pictures of me before and i honestly think i look fine.

why does my friend, who is naturally gorgeous, think she’s fat and starves herself daily? why do i have friends who don’t even let me see them without makeup? i feel like we aren’t close anymore.

even for me….going to school makeup free is insane. its unthinkable. i feel insecure…

was makeup the cause? i wish makeup was banned at our school. i know it is at some, and i go to a public school, so it would never happen, but i feel that there are many young girls who are slaves to makeup and can’t go out without it on.

just whats going on in my brain right now.


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