last push till spring break

arg this week could not go any slower. on tuesday it felt like friday and I’m just so over school.

on wednesday (yesterday) me and EMC presented our duo on hannah montana. it was pretty embarrassing because she laughed, then i laughed, and once i start laughing i’m gone because everyone watching laughs. so i crack up for a whole minute, (the whole class is dying) and every time i try to talk i keel over again….i finally got myself under control and managed to rush through the rest of it. I’m really just glad that it wasn’t awkwardly silent as we cracked our lame jokes…who cares if they’re laughing at us, not with us? at least they’re laughing. Crush V (not really crush anymore, but thats how I’ve referred to him for so long I’m gonna stick with it) gave me a high five. ???

6th went fine. i walked in, and sat next to PGF M. he cracked a few jokes, and i think we may have an inside joke now. he’s pretty nice. we peer edited our essays, then i stressed out about it.

didn’t go to practice, but i had to check in. not enjoyable, because every time i go my coaches attack me about how my knee is totally fine and I’m missing practice for nothing (they’re not saying it, but i can tell they think I’m a wimp). then i walked away (apparently in the middle of on of my coaches sentences) and today at jazz band EMC told me he took that as defiant and now he’s trying to replace me on the relay! i don’t know i how i managed to make yet another teacher hate me….ugh. teacher drama.

and friend drama. well, more like passive drama. EMC and i. she’s bonding with friend JS and frenemy KM a lot more, and ignoring me. and sometimes when i say stuff that she would have laughed with me about before, like an inside joke, she now gives me this ‘whatever’ look and say something like ‘so?’. i really hope she cleans up her act because I’m not going to deal with another frenemy.

also PGF T has talked to me again! he now says hi. great. it was really weird….apparently he talks about me to him mom….i say her two days ago and she was like ‘oh, PGF T said this about you but that’s not true at all!’ it was a little strange…

so yeah. i should be writing an essay right now on f451. my theme is about knowledge. i actually really like it, which explains why my essay is 5 pages long….must….cut…it…down…

we are going on a road trip next week! can’t wait..

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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