social life

well i think my social life has jumpstarted itself!

last last weekend (the 21 of april) i saw friend MH, who i have not seen in forever! we went shopping, but didn’t buy anything. it was really fun though.

the next week, (the 28 of april), i went to moonlight with MH again and met up with friend KS and SaS. it was actually kind of funny because we both planned to go to the beach, but when we got there, we realized we were invited to two totally different hang outs. i figured this out when we met KS and SaS and asked ‘where’s everyone else?’ and they were like “this IS everyone else…..?” then i had an epiphany.

but it worked out cause we joined both groups later. we went in the water, and it was freeeeezing. it was super fun, and we didn’t notice but the waves got HUGE, and suddenly the funniest thing happens: friend AD whips her hair around to me so intensely its like in slow-mo, and yells, “geeeeeetttt ouuuuuuuttttt! geeeeettttt ooouuuuutttt nooooooowww!” and i was having fun, so i was confused, but then KS grabs me and starts panickingly running back to shore, and AD gets crushed under a wave and goes “DOOOONNTTT LEAAVVE MEEEEE!”

turns out we were caught in a riptide, and later on we had a hilarious fun time retelling the story, except more awesome and exaggerated, to everyone else, in which AD was a hero and a sacrificial lamb trying to save us. haha. it really was like a movie in that scene where the mother tries to save her child from a bomb and sacrificing herself, like in harry potter….

we hung out on the beach, then went to SS’s house. we ate mexican food, then went home. except on the way home, we spontaneously decided to have a sleepover at KS’s house. it was sups fun, and we jumped into the pool at like 11 at night and took pictures on KS’s underwater camera.

we slept pretty early, like around 1. we talked and caught up and it was great. called guys. ya know.

went home, was going to go to a birthday party, but it got cancelled. went to church. saw EMC. we aren’t friends anymore. she treats me like an idiot, and is cruel and purposefully mean to me and puts me down. she ditches me for KM and JS. they don’t even hide it. of course, when we are alone she is great with me, but that of course is obviously not what I’m looking for in a friend.

the week went fine. it was the last week of track. i did absolutely horrible on the last meet. ugh, i got like 18.7 on hurdles and like 15 for sprints and for long jump i got like 13’9″ instead of 14’9″. sad for a last meet.

me and EMC carpooled back to school and did the band concert. went home…

thursday was the day i returned uniforms 😦

friday i went home with friend SS and friend MB. we picked up her friend NB who is crazy sweet and got acai bowls. then we went to her house and helped set up decorations and jumped on her trampoline. then we slept over and ate stew and made flour less peanut butter cookies but burnt them. it was great. the next morning we ate the most amazing sourdough pancakes in the world, and i ate literally the whole bowl of batter.

went home around 10 and performed with the band at this art festival at school. it was super hot.

then i went home, hung out, then went to SS’s actual birthday party. we sucked helium, which was fun, then ate like 5 tacos then SAW friend EC! then went to the beach and ran into the water (which was crazy warm, like lukewarm water! freaky. i felt like i was wasting it, i wanted to go in so bad but i didn’t have a suit.) we walked to the main beach and saw a group of really hot and MB scoped this one really tan one and waved! later, the entire group swarmed him (so desperate haha) and got his number. his friends at the bonfire saw a huge group of girls and came over, and we had a fun time. then it was some college girl’s birthday, and we serenaded her….then we ran back to SS’s house and had a sick dance party. she had like strobe lights and stuff so it was super fun.

we played never have i ever and i found out who had done crazy stuff and it made me so sad. like who got cross hazed…like 5 people. its like they think its cool.

we went back up and had another dance party and ate brownies and ice cream until it was time to go.

fun in all. i think i needed that; just a party to let loose and forget friend drama and failing at everything and stuff.

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