annnddd today friend drama

today was decent.

i was all ready to confront EMC on how she had been treating me, when i walk into the classroom and she’s absent. ABSENT! she is never absent! wth?

then i realize i’m happy she’s not there. because i won’t have to feel left out, or not good enough….

then i realized we weren’t friends. because friends want to see each other.

she was in debate though. she was sick. she didn’t say hi to me, she didn’t smile at me, she didn’t talk to me. they didn’t walk with me to the media center, they didn’t save a seat for me, and then they ignored me the entire time.

i don’t know how this happened.

I think i may be a little jealous of KM, since they had been getting close. but i honestly wouldn’t have minded if they hadn’t shut me out like this. like the other day, walking to the lab, we left without EMC. of course, KM stops right in her tracks and goes, “lets wait for EMC!”. this got on my nerves because, hey, every SINGLE FREAKING DAY they leave without ME. i don’t see anyone stopping and waiting for me! this is what EMC used to do for me, and what i would do for her. what happened to that?

so today after we did our little run that we just started (since track is over, we decided to keep running to prepare for cross country), we were alone at the curb. it was fun and nice, because when its just me, she’s the same as before. i get up the guts, and i say “we need to talk.”

she took it as a joke, like “yeah! not like we are doing it now or anything…”

but i was like, “no. we need to talk. about us.’

and she kind of knew and agreed.

we are going to talk this out. i hope we become friends again. a lot because she is in a ton of activities with me, and it would be hell if we didn’t get along.

so wish me luck, whoevers reading this.


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