band, 5k beach, chill

so thats how my weekend has basically gone.

friday afternoon the band was shipped off to our city’s baseball game, and we got to play the star spangled banner! that was pretty fun. i got to see some of the band people i’d like to get to know better.

i was hanging out with some juniors and they were like, behind my back, ‘____ pulls.’ and i have no idea what that means because when i turned around and asked, they wouldn’t tell me. anyone know? aw well, just another term i have no clue about.

we hung out after, just watching the game, kind of. we took a really fun long walk to find a burger, and when we finally found it, they didn’t do take out! so we found some fast place…

then i hung out and ate so much junk food, like chocolate-covered pretzels (like half a bag full!) and kettle corn and yah….

we left before the game ended and sang pop songs the whole way home. so fun its crazy…reminiscing….

the next day, i got up early and drove over to SS’s house, where we left to run the city 5k! it was sups fun, especially since i finally got to see JC! JJJJJCCCCC i haven’t seen her in forever and i practically attacked her when i saw her all surprised.

except when i went to run, i promised JC i would stick with her no matter what. and vice versa. because i thought she would be faster.

not true. half way through with a maybe 7:30 minute mile pace, she got tired! and we had to walk! the other girl we were running with ditched us, so i stayed. i got her to slowly jog, then pushed it a bit, but she couldn’t take it. we kept that up until the end, where she pushed through and sprinted with me to the finish line. we got 25:25. that is a better time than i thought, but i think if i kept up at my own top pace i could have gotten sub-20, because i was not tired at all! thats really exciting, because thats the first sign of improvement all these workouts have shown! i know for sure a year ago, when i first started running, there is no way i would have been able to do that.

after there was a mini street fair thing with all these booths with free stuff! pretty great

after, we walked around, and JC left. she came back later, and we met her at this surf store. then we walked back and picked up this guy M. then we walked back to her house and changed to swimsuits, then walked to the beach and chilled. we ran into the water, and it was pretty warm. we met AD there with her brother (who somehow, in the past year, got really hot and studly haha) and swam past the waves.

then MB and JC had to leave, and AD stayed behind. me, SS, and PGF M walked really far on the beach to SS’s friend’s house. they have these reallllly steep crickety old stairs, and we walked to the nearest mexican local place an bought some food and then hung out in her infinity pool. ahhhh, the life of rich people. i wish i lived there.

then we walked back to ss’s and hung out on her trampoline until PGF M left.

he was really nice, and the thing was, he wasn’t awkward and i wasn’t awkward around him. this coming from me, who is usually pretty awkward around guys. i think  its because i didn’t see him as, well, that way, and he wasn’t that hot. therefore i wasn’t nervous, therefore i was fun to be around, and therefore he like me too. i gotta work on doing that with other guys to, because i know there are great guys out there that i would want to be friends with.

i have a hot guy problem, I’ve discovered. more on that later.

anywhoooo, we ate dinner which was great and then watched groundhog day, then we were so pooped from the long day we fell asleep right away.

the next morning, we had pancakes and brussel sprouts and then we left to the farmer’s market. it was really cool and i got to eat so much great food!

my dad picked me up and i went home. i had nothing to do today, so i was inspired to bake peanut -butter banana oatmeal bars! they turned out great, and they are super healthy so i pigging out as we speak.

great day over all, no makeup for 3 days so far, and braless. feels like summer.


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