sorry its been a while

So I noticed I’ve started to post to this less and less.

I’m gunna! Im not going to stop cuz this is my diary….

Anyway, its been like a week and a half. I barely remember whats happened, but now PGF K and I have an inside joke, which is great. Jazz band is over, so there goes PGF MC. The super team has gone swimming multiple times now. We planned a p90x day, but we couldn’t get a video so we played xbox kinect. Lollll

There was this drama with friend SS because she wanted to come running with the super team but I guess the other girls wated it as an exclusive thing….? So there was thing of her feeling hurt and me feeling bad and her not talking to me. But its all good now!

Friday night I actually hung out with friend DS! And MT and KS. It was pretty fun, and I went straight to church afterwards.

On Saturday we got up early and went clam digging! Yes, clam digging. We drove out about 40 minutes away to this nice beach and got these pinto clams that were like bigger than 4 inches long! Crazy, huh? We got in the water and stabbed the sand with a huge shovel, then dug in if we felt a clam. I didn’t get any. Friend JC got one, and bro k got one (and then some small ones we weren’t allowed to keep because they had to be at least 4 inches),and then some nice dude gave us one (he took pity on us…they had like 10). Then we hung out until we drove home around 12 and dropped off JC. We had plans, but she cancelled….made me feel like crap. Whatever.

With nothing to do that day, I made clam chowder. Then me and my mom went on a directed shopping spree, and I bought everything I’ve needed for a while, which includes: a new bikini (there was this great deal at pacsun….buy any top get any bottom free. Seriously….i got a great top on clearance for 15 bucks from oneil and a free bottom that was 40 dollars from billabong. Yesssssss), and I exchanged the black flats, and then I went to look for yoga pants but I couldn’t find any, and then I got some underwear (a thong….my first one. Ewwww only for clingy skirts and stuff), then I got boardshorts and this guy tank top that I love. There was this training one-piece that was super pretty but it was $50. Where do I find a cheap training one-piece?

Went to church on Sunday, like always. After, this guy had a senior recital????

Went home, did homework.

On Monday (it was memorial day) the super team met at LN’s house and went running and we ran this great pretty 4 mile loop. I was really happy because I really wasn’t tired at all! We ran super slow though, at like a 9:30 pace, because the others were having a hard time.

We went swimming after, then we watched high school musical 3! So corny…we sang along.

We ordered pizza and washed her sister’s car, then I left to go to this family dinner with my cousins (who are like 50 years old). The food was really great, and to my surprise I actually like them. Past the funny Singapore accent, they are really nice. We watched the social network and went home. I fell asleep in the car. I always sleep in the car. Any trip longer than 20 minutes, im gone.

Oh almost forgot! I ‘lost’ my ipod last week, but I found it on Sunday. I am ashamed to say where I found it, but it was in my backpack in the exact place it was supposed to be. I don’t know how I missed it.

School was today and yesterday, I had an ok day, the biggest thing was that in English we did partners and mine totally ignored me the entire time. Made me feel like a loser.

The super team went to swimming today! I got to flaunt my new swimsuitttt.

Well that’s it!


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