summer continues and my bday party

on friday i went for a light run, then met up with my friend MB for a ballet barre class. with a name like that, you would think it would be an actual ballet class, right? not right. it was this weird workout thing with like 10 middle aged ladies…..ahhahaha. i though it was the warmup the entire time and when it ended i was pretty shocked.

MB came over for an hour or two and we watched youtube videos until she left.

then there was the youth group ‘slumber bumber’. it was pretty fun, we played this game called manhunt literally until 2 in the morning. then we watched the 3 musketeers movie (logan lerman!!!) but it was pretty boring so i fell asleep. EMC’s brother and this other girl were hitting it off a little too well for 8th graders…..young love?

the next morning, we got up early and went home. i went running for a reallllly short time, then MB came over and we hun gfor like an hour before going to my bday party at the beach! it was pretty fun…we ran to the pizza place on the boardwalk and ordered 2 large pizzas and polished it off pretty fast, plus we went to the yogurt place and pigged out. the waves were pretty nice too…..

after, i went straight to the church senior banquet. it was uneventful and all we did was eat….

then i went home! the next morning i got up at 5 am and went clam digging! i was extremely tired and cranky until the freezing cold water woke me up haha. after an hour or so i ditched the rake and used my feet, with which i caught like 5 clams that were too small to eat. thats ok, cuz last time i caught none. friend KW caught none also, and this other girl E caught none, but friend-ish CC caught 4! cray…

friend-ish CC and i went to panera (btw, CC is the girl that goes to andover. can i just say, completely utterly jealous?) and met her friend (from andover, figures.) she seemed like a ditz, and i wonder how on earth she got in?

it was extremely awkward since they just gossiped about andover the entire time and i just sat there.

after, we went to this terrible pho place, and i ordered this ‘crispy crepe’. it was a neon yellow thin omelet that was fried throughly and filled with soybeans. they also gave me a huge thing of lettuce. what was i supposed to do? well i wrapped it and got neon crepe all over the place. and it tasted terrible and the inside was raw. yum.

then we went back to CC’s house and made clam chowder! 2 sticks of butter, and 4 cups of cream went into that thing. I’m scared for my health…

but it tasted so, so good.

we went home early, like 5, but everyone was super tired from the early start.

today i got up at 6:30 like always, but was so tired i went back to sleep until 8:30. that was my first time sleeping in all summer! i missed my run. i did chinese for 2 hours, and then went to piano. i saw SNK H, and he’s same old, sam old. went to the library, where the evil librarian wouldn’t let me check out books cuz i didn’t have my card or ID. then i went to henry’s and got everything on sale! yum

when i got home i went running and ended up running like an hour. it’s good, because i haven’t run the entire weekend and this sort-of makes up for it. not really. but whatever.

yupp! china in 8 days… counting down!


del mar fair!

so today i got up nice and early and went to my school’s cross country meeting!

i’ve been debating for a while on whether i should join it or not, and i’ve decided i will.

it started out just as a way to keep in shape (and it still is), but now i think it’s actually gonna be fun! i was too nervous to go by myself, so i went with friend MB. i don’t know why i was worried because friend PS practically attacked me when we got there…

we ran like 3 miles, which was totally fine! it was a little faster than my usual pace, but it was on a flat surface and it was nice and cool because it was so early. after, we splashed in the water, which was freezing, and no i did not run enough to get in. but we walked to our friend SS’s house, where we awkwardly realized she had had a sleepover the night before and was a kind of a bad mood…..

we caught a ride with her to the fair, and it was fun! we were super cheap, so we checked out the booths around and drank the random food samples (you know the vitamin samples? yeah…we stood there for like 20 minutes just drinking….). then we visited the cows…yes there were cows. then we got sidetracked by this texas travel thing that was pretty much the oddest thing i’ve ever been sucked into. we just decided to try it, and it was this weird presentation with texas’y music playing and this dome with TVs and like, horse saddles and cactuses. really confusing. then we were told a ton of random facts, like, the two animals of texas are armadillos and longhorns. ?

then we were ushered to this other ‘station’, with a cool kayaking surround-movie glasses things. we acted all excited and awestruck….so fun. THEN we got to take pictures on a green screen wearing ponchos and space helmets (of all things!) with a cow chewing grass in the background. and then they gave us a free bandana. then they gave us a survey on how we felt about texas before and after, and the sad thing was that we felt worse about visiting texas after….and this was all free. lol

we went on this cool ride that was this huge spaceship and it spun super fast and you get sucked up against the wall and up to the ceiling….

we met up with other friends DS, MT, and our middle school friends that went to different high schools. DS and I went on this cool ride that was called the zipper. so fun.

then i waited around a bit cuz i was conserving my tickets for this one really fun ride. sucks cuz i didn’t get to go on that ride anyway, because the line was too long and i had no time.

i visited friend SS on the way out (she was working a booth) and we left! i bought a scarf on the way out.

got home and pigged out on amazing salmon, pesto bread, and mushroom-bell pepper-cabbage mixture. I hate m=having delicious food all available at once, because i always overeat. this time i ate so much i felt like puking, no joke. i got that feeling where your mouth gets all weird and your spit tastes funny and i was seriously gonna puke. I’m still feeling it. ugh. i’ll remember that for the next time i get good food.

and thats about it. main idea, summer is in full swing and friend MB and i are tight! plus, i’m totally pooped, so…..bye.

let summer begin!!!

So much has happened! Life is going so nice right now.

Of course, theres the fact that it’s summer! SUMMERRRRRRRR

I have been working out and running in the mountains behind my house on these great trails. I’m working up to running for an hour straight, then improving my speed.

The last week of school was pretty fine. I gave that speech, and it was totally fine! My friend AD was freaking out because she apparently started crying during hers…I’m talking about that here because 1) she came to me when she was upset, which is great, and 2) its nice to know that even super-confident people like her can screw up and get nervous.

I went to my brothers graduation! Can’t believe he’s going to be leaving soon L. All the seniors did these ‘introductions’, and my brother had this cute one, like ‘everyone puts your hands up and touch the sky. Now laugh. Now hug the person to your left!’ it was a risky thing but it totally worked cuz everyone did it!

Then there were the weird ones, like the popular guys who graduated in speedos….and the awesome one where he was like ‘everybody……STOP!’ and everyone froze, then he went “I have to instagram this” and whipped out his iphone! Hahahaha

After I rushed to the beach and hung out. Then I walked around the 101 and bought this cute tribal dress and this v neck grey t shirt, just to kick off summer! Then I slept over at my friend JC’s house.

The next day I went to LA for this pre-camp meeting for the thing I’m doing in china. We got stuck in traffic and were an hour late. Joy. But I met the people; there was this girl and this guy that stuck out to me as friendly so they’re probably who I’ll be friends with.

After bro K and mom and I went to eat chinese food.

Sunday was fathers day. We got up super early and made a huge omelet and an avocado salad, then we went on a hike where I run. We got back and hung out until we went to a church potluck that night.

On Monday I hung out with friend ERC  I haven’t seen her in forever and she leaves for her ballet camp on wednesday  we went to the boardwalk and took like $3 worth of almond samples, and bought this apple granola that was weirdly chewy and tasted like apple pie! Then we went to the froyo place and took samples from there too… good

We went home and made a music video to skyscraper by demi lovato! Sooooo fun its crazy. Then our spazzy friend KS called and we made pancakes and literally ran around the neighborhood with mission impossible music playing and put them on people’s doorsteps! Krayyyy this is what summer is about

We went back to my house and edited the skyscraper video until we fell asleep

The next day my friend AH and I went to the boardwalk again and hung out at this clothing store. We went back and just walked around her neighborhood until I had to go…just a chill dayyyyy

Today I went running and have had a pretty unproductive day so its great.

Gotta love summer.


chocolate cake

so i had sort of a great week

yolo is awesome.

the whole week i’ve been having sooo much fun…spanish is always great. in band, we have been doing absolutely NOTHING, so one day after sitting and listening to awkward conversation with SNK C and SNK R, i grabbed this ball and started a game of handball. SNK R, naturally, had no idea what he was doing haha.

the next time i went on an adventure of the school, cuz, hey, yolo right? yoaafo….[you only are a freshman once haha….that’s the NEW motto, drake) so i went off onto this cross country trail and walked around on it, but i heard a buzzing that stopped when i walked by it that freaked me out. i thought it was a censor to prevent ditchers (or people like me). i literally ran back as fast as my skinny jeans would let me….i walked around the back of the school that i’ve never been before. i saw a ton of school officials, and i saw one on a truck like literally 5 times. (i don’t know why they don’t care about an obvious kid waving at them with an iPod walking around….but whatever) then i walked around school and hung with my friend AD for a while. then i walked out the other side of the school…then i walked back, got my lunch, and sat peacefully in the seats next to the softball field and chilled. it was great….a great breeze running through, warm air, shade….perf.

5th period has been fun, too. the guys at my table are awesome, and even albino kid is pretty nice to me. i mean, we talk, and he even helped me out when the teacher called on me…PGF J is super nice as well. who am i kidding? i love that kid like heck. he’s possibly the greatest guy ever.

it was kind of flattering; they were talking about how annoying freshman girls were, and then they were like, except for this one (meaning me). they all agreed, like, yeah, your pretty chill. scorrrreeee yeahhhh

bio has been pretty fun. as always.

debate we went to the pancake house!!!!! i looked it up online and each thing was like over 1000 calories with like 60 grams of fat and 100 grams of sugar…..i’m not exaggerating. not at all. no joke.

so i split one with friend JS.

after, i took some of prezzie’s pancakes…i swear he is anorexic. he ate literally one pancake. it would explain how freaky skinny he is.

then he gave friend EMC a hug! awk…he’s going to a debate tournament instead of graduation. isn’t that sad?

6 has been decent. this popular girl next to me has made some conversation….which is improvement i guess. we have an annoying speech.

no super team this week, but apparently there was a track and field banquet, and the coach was like ‘the super team ain’t super no more cuz they didn’t show!’ haha.

friday afternoon i was like….i’m going to do it. i’m going to train for cross country. so i went running on these trails on this nature reserve mountain behind my neighborhood. it was great! so great, in fact, i went running again today. this morning, i got up, and ran for an hour straight, just exploring the area…its so insanely fun. i found this creek i never knew about….its so quiet and peaceful and theres no one around….

anyway, friday night we were going to go to church, but we ended up going to my brother’s parkour club thingy at this parkour gym. i actually saw this kid that used to go to my elementary school (PGF MR)….ironic because i messaged him on fb asking if he was in that club cuz i though i saw him! haha it was great and when my mom introduced us we had this little laugh between us. i remember he had a really pretty face…..not hot, but like, pretty. weird, right? he’s super short, like 5’4″ though.

anyway, he’s actually crazy good at it. better than my brother, who is the founder and president haha. probably second, only to the vice president who is like a black belt and all that stuff.

NOW FOR TODAY!!! i went running, like i said. actually, i’m going to follow a running plan. here it is!

my training schedule!

yup. anyway, after i wen to my friend KS’s house for her birthday party. we went trapeze-ing! so fun! we got strapped into a harness and got to swing upside down, and get ‘caught’ by the dude! ahhhhhh

then we headed back with a partttyayyyyy in the car….we blasted the music and since we took 3 cars, we scream-sang the whole way home and stuck our head out the window and moon roof and serenaded random people awkwardly! yollooooooo [you only live live once once once once once once once???] some college guy was taping us and yelling, like, ‘you guys are awesome! i’m gonna make a movie!’ haha

then we checked out picture of us, then we ate the cake. barely. actually, we took it outside, friend KS and DS smashed their faces into the cake, then turned around with fistfulls of cake and chased us. i (smartly) ran into the house until i though they were done. then i went out to help clean, but they ambushed me! ran around, then got cornered under the trampoline…..where they proceeded to cover my hair, face, and clothes with double chocolate mousse cake. naturally, i got the worst. it went up my nose. my hair was a solid thing of cream……yum.

nasty. but yolo. and crazy fun. and something i’ll get to tell stories about. so totally worth it!

then we ran to the pool to trash their showers and jumped in! i sort of feel bad that i forgot that i had cake on….the pool is now filled with chunks of cake…..yeah.

went home, washed my hair like 10 times, and my cash like 20. it’s still greasy.

oh well… times. summer anyone?

busy busy weekend for me!

i went friday night to church, which was fun. on saturday we got up bright and early, drove up and watched my cousin CJ graduate from her ridiculously expensive boarding school! it was long. and….long. it was really nice though. we took so many pictures me and CJ were joking about our mouths twitching…

and guess what? i saw SNK C there! surprise, huh? didn’t say anything to him, and i don’t think he noticed me.

my uncle kept commented on what a ‘lovely young lady i’m growing up to be.’ how skinny i was. my aunt thinks i should be a model/actress and keeps on hounding me about it. whhhaaat??? apparently, in their world, the only thing you need to be an actor is a pretty face and decent body. again, whhhaaattt? hahaha

we hung out in her dorm, then we went to their hotel and hung out there. then we went out to dinner. we ate food.

its nice because before i was always the annoying little tag-along, but now i can see i’m not.

got home super late and dragged myself up to bed and fell right asleep. i always do.

on sunday i skipped church and practiced piano/started my essay final. fun fun.

the recital was way too long, but i got to see friend MC! we sat next to each other and caught up and it was like we were never apart….i miss her.

i went straight to my friend’s house to go to the band banquet. it was friend EMC, JS, and KM. i allowed them to do my makeup. they managed to cake on an illegal amount of eyeliner to form a flicked out-corner thing, then stuck a bow in my hair. A BOW. i barely deem to brush my hair on good days…oh well. i looked girly.

got to the banquet, and i absolutely hate LT. she sucks. here’s the run down. she’s going to be a junior, and I’m going to be a sophomore. she is loud, obnoxious, and mean spirited…but only to me. i don’t know what i did, in fact i was extremely nice to her, like i listened to her problems and hung out with her and everything, but she hates my guts. she is unnecessarily rude to me and puts me down at literally every opportunity. she is well-liked by everyone else, and i have learned to ignore it, and honestly by itself i honestly don’t give a crap about her or what she thinks of me, except i spend a lot of time in band and she is just there. she is impossible to avoid because she is going to be section leader next year. i know it affects the way others in band treat me just because of how popular she is…..ughhhhhh

and everyone is bipolar and two-faced. like friend (friend? idk about that..) AF. today, she was super nice. she went to me and was like, before i graduate i need to let you know that you don’t know this but you are extremely pretty. nice right? confidence booster? well the other day she said, ‘you are like a stupider version of me when i was a freshman.’ thanks.

whatever haters. check out the link i’ve posted, though. i’ve got it bookmarked now. 

and today was great. in spanish, me and friend PS were texting this kid pretending to be a gay guy who was in love with the kid, and then we took a picture of PGF K looking creepy and sent it to him. poor kid is so gullible.

we switched seats in math and instead of working i chatted with the awesome people at my table, PGF J and this tall weird junior and unfortunately the albino kid i hate. plus some of the girls in that class talk to me now after i started forcing myself to be friendly.

so yeah. 9 more days of school! countdown begin!