summer continues and my bday party

on friday i went for a light run, then met up with my friend MB for a ballet barre class. with a name like that, you would think it would be an actual ballet class, right? not right. it was this weird workout thing with like 10 middle aged ladies…..ahhahaha. i though it was the warmup the entire time and when it ended i was pretty shocked.

MB came over for an hour or two and we watched youtube videos until she left.

then there was the youth group ‘slumber bumber’. it was pretty fun, we played this game called manhunt literally until 2 in the morning. then we watched the 3 musketeers movie (logan lerman!!!) but it was pretty boring so i fell asleep. EMC’s brother and this other girl were hitting it off a little too well for 8th graders…..young love?

the next morning, we got up early and went home. i went running for a reallllly short time, then MB came over and we hun gfor like an hour before going to my bday party at the beach! it was pretty fun…we ran to the pizza place on the boardwalk and ordered 2 large pizzas and polished it off pretty fast, plus we went to the yogurt place and pigged out. the waves were pretty nice too…..

after, i went straight to the church senior banquet. it was uneventful and all we did was eat….

then i went home! the next morning i got up at 5 am and went clam digging! i was extremely tired and cranky until the freezing cold water woke me up haha. after an hour or so i ditched the rake and used my feet, with which i caught like 5 clams that were too small to eat. thats ok, cuz last time i caught none. friend KW caught none also, and this other girl E caught none, but friend-ish CC caught 4! cray…

friend-ish CC and i went to panera (btw, CC is the girl that goes to andover. can i just say, completely utterly jealous?) and met her friend (from andover, figures.) she seemed like a ditz, and i wonder how on earth she got in?

it was extremely awkward since they just gossiped about andover the entire time and i just sat there.

after, we went to this terrible pho place, and i ordered this ‘crispy crepe’. it was a neon yellow thin omelet that was fried throughly and filled with soybeans. they also gave me a huge thing of lettuce. what was i supposed to do? well i wrapped it and got neon crepe all over the place. and it tasted terrible and the inside was raw. yum.

then we went back to CC’s house and made clam chowder! 2 sticks of butter, and 4 cups of cream went into that thing. I’m scared for my health…

but it tasted so, so good.

we went home early, like 5, but everyone was super tired from the early start.

today i got up at 6:30 like always, but was so tired i went back to sleep until 8:30. that was my first time sleeping in all summer! i missed my run. i did chinese for 2 hours, and then went to piano. i saw SNK H, and he’s same old, sam old. went to the library, where the evil librarian wouldn’t let me check out books cuz i didn’t have my card or ID. then i went to henry’s and got everything on sale! yum

when i got home i went running and ended up running like an hour. it’s good, because i haven’t run the entire weekend and this sort-of makes up for it. not really. but whatever.

yupp! china in 8 days… counting down!


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