crazy busy summer

basically i’ve been enjoying my first ever real summer with nothing to do….truly the lazy days. on tuesday, i hung out with my friends TG and PS. we walked to subway, pigged out, walked back, had nothing to do, fried an apple from her garden, ate trail mix, attacked each other, then hung out in her bathroom laughing hysterically. true friendship?

on wednesday i hung out with friend PS, and she ended up dragging me to the cross country practice. at school. it sucked. we ran on the track, but i got to know this girl K, who is pretty nice. after, PS and some of her friends and I went to the beach, and i was slightly nervous but it ended up being fun and not awkward.

on thursday i hung out with friends MH and MB. they are the greatest! i got the the beach at 7:30 for xc practice and ran like 4 miles on the sand (which was pretty fun, because the ocean is BEAUTIFUL), then just stayed until MB came. we ran a bit, then waited till MH came! then we chilled, then walked the boardwalk and went into weird little shops and random places and just had fun. MH’s mom came and picked us up and we went to her house and raided her pantry and hung out in the pool. then when MH went to the bathroom we heard this scream and she came running out and it turned out the toilet was clogged because of MB! it was absolutely disgusting with poop water and floating unidentified stuff…..and we just died. we tried to flush it down but the toilet started overflowing and we freaked out and cracked up more, but it really was disgusting. MB was of course horrified. and mortified. and all sorts of embarrassed. i just laughed, and so did MH…then her mom came with this huge monster looking snake thing and got in there….ugh. we ended up doing it ourselves, and later we heard this scream again from MH like 3 hours later (we did other stuff) and we run in and it was fixed! so funny…

we ordered pizza and dressed up as taylor swift and a rick brat while MH answered the door and went ‘sorry, i’m babysitting tonight….’ as we sang badly in the background and jumped around. the guy just stared, then walked away.

i’ll miss them.

on friday i went to friend AD’s house around 4, and we walked to henry’s and got kicked out by some grumpy lady, then we stood outside and did the jenna marbles face and tried to get people to stare! then we went to her pool and just caught up and talked,  because i don’t see her that often at school. then we got freaked out by this lady that puts a cardboard cut-out of herself every time they go to the pool….freaky sick lady. then we watched tv and did stuff until we fell asleep.

on saturday i had to bike home from friend AD’s house because it wouldn’t fit in the car! i got home and went straight to friend EDC’s house. we walked to their froyo place  and ate, then hangout at the kiddy water place. it was super hot. then we got home, and jumped in her pool with her little sisters and their friend, J. J was crazy. i think she had a serious disorder. hyperactive something. she jumped on me and pulled my hair and would not get off. i was drowning! then she made me carry her around and give her piggy back rides while going through an obstacle course while she pulled my hair, pinched me, and kicked me, saying ‘giddy up horsey!’. then she put me in the chicken coop and poured chicken feed on me, and the pecking chickens freaking HURT. this girl is 9 years old! she was home schooled, which kind of explains it. but still.

EDC’s little 5 year old sister, M, was so adorable and cute it was crazy. she had these blond curls and huge blue eyes! but she was nice sometimes, she was the hugest brat in the world….she would scream and cry if something didn’t go her way. she threw like 6 temper tantrums in the afternoon that i was there!

EDC’s little 10 year old sister S was super patient and tolerant. she was great. i guess you have to be with a a friend and sister like that….

we had a water balloon fight, then ate dinner (vegan! so good) then played cards, and then roasted smores until my mom came…

on sunday i skipped church and just packed. same with monday. very boring, but super busy still. i had to get through 4 books of chinese, each meant for a yearlong course. ughhhh took like 4 hours each book…

and that’s it! i leave for china TOMMORRROOOWWWWWWWWW

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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