so this morning friend SS calls. i know right away it’s urgent because, frankly, she doesn’t call me all that often anymore, what with her being 10x more popular than before. but she calls me, and she seems down, so i ask ‘what’s wrong?’ well turns out our friend MB has an eating disorder, andContinue reading “Concern”

Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.

So it’s been so freaking busy I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog! School is way on it’s way now. Quick-ish run down: chem we switched seats, but that’s ok because my table is pretty awesome. We’ve bonded. Theres EZ, this friendly smart slightly awkward guy, there’s KC who’s a pretty, popular cheerleaderContinue reading “Wiz Khalifa – Work hard,….nah just work hard.”