thankgivingggg 2012

on wednesday i hung out with a friend EDC. i haven’t seen her in forever, so it was great to hang with her.

friend EDC is one of my true, real friends that i know will be there for me. she’s a nerd, but i don’t care, like i (being honest here) usually would. i know i can tell her anything, whether that’s because she goes to a different school and doesn’t really know any of my other friends or because i know she won’t judge, tell anyone, and understand me. she’s one of the only friends i ever told my parent issues to…and telling her was a big deal for me, since  (again, being honest) i have trust issues.

so we went out and distributed flyers for my mom’s boss. we were supposed to get paid, but i really have no idea if we will. it doesn’t matter; it gave us something to do and a good opportunity to just catch up. 

there was this little kid that was so cute and we played with him for 5 minutes and the grandparents watching him offered me a babysitting job. i said no, but i really regret it. it would be nice to get babysitting experience.

also, we stopped by friend KS’s house and said hi because KS hasn’t seen EDC in a loooong time. and guess what? KS was actually practicing piano!!! i was so happy.

that night, my family hosted a small thanksgiving party (on a wednesday..). i saw friend MC, MZ, and KW. we caught up. that was nice…friend MC’s changed quite a lot. she wears high heels everywhere, she cusses, and she wants to be a police officer. she quit all her sports and just dances, and she ditched all her old friends. yet, in a way she was same old friend MC…

that night, i went crazy for the pumpkin pie, too. i ate a fourth of an entire costco pumpkin pie…yeah. no self control

the next day was thanksgiving. i did homework all day (finished crime and punishment!!!!! now all i got to do is write a 10 page essay that’s as of now, 80% of my grade. no biggie)

that night, we headed to a thanksgiving party at my mom’s friend’s house. his daughter goes to andover (yes, the school i was rejected to) and his son is an AMAZING cook. yes, he made the dinner. so good….there was this baked mac’n cheese, and this awesome stuffing… maaaaan.

we watched football, and the patriots creamed the jets.

and of couse, that night (or should i say the next morning) we went black friday shopping! we went to urban outfitters at midnight, but of course there was a crazy line going all the way around the block! we ditched that idea and went to the outlet, where we shoooppppppppedddd. i got a pair of jeans, a red t shirt, and a teal hoodie at pac sun for $30, and a t shirt at converse for $5. then we went back to urban outfitters (it was like 5 am by then) and i went crazy for the 50% off of all sale….yeah. there was a shirt though that was $5 that i wish i bought. oh well.

my mom was hilarious, she was so tired she couldn’t see anymore and she was just holding on to us and closing her eyes.

we went home around 6 am and i slept until like 10. then i did absolutely NOTHING ALL DAY. that night i went to water polo, and it was a super easy practice. we are learning to handle the ball. so embarrassing cuz the some of the boys water polo team come to help out and i suck and i know them. arg

today i got up at 6 to go run with the team at the beach. it was sort of a waste of time because they run pretty slow and i honestly didn’t even sweat. after i rushed to piano, then rushed to costco, then rushed back home and got ready to go to the beach with friend TG. we went to a local mexican restaurant that is supposed to be pretty good, but the thing i ordered was so oily and honestly not good at all. i’m going to de-oil it tomorrow for breakfast, see how that goes.

we went to the beach, and made the most awesome sand turtle ever. it was good. it was great. we built a moat and wall to protect it, but it washed away 5 minutes after we left 😦 we were counting the compliments we got on it, and we got more than 15! some people even took pictures, and there was this one guy that we asked to take a picture for us, but he didn’t get it and took a picture on his phone and was like ‘i don’t know how to get this to your phone…’ hahaha and there was another little girl that came up to us, so i was like, do you want to help? and of course she starts crying and runs away. of course.

later, we walked up to the boardwalk and got froyo and mooched at the health food store. love that.

friend TG is another friend that i know will always be honest. she’s not fake. she’s everything but fake. she’s honest and she says the things that everyone avoids, and i’m not talking about like when someone tells you way too much information, but more like she’ll tell you that she’s insecure and that she has problems too. she’ll tell you that she feels rejected too and that she secretly does….well let’s not put that up here. but my point is that i can trust her.

so that was my week. 


thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)

on sunday things were uneventful other than friend EMC and i are definitely not really ever going to be more than casual friends. i just can’t trust her; she’s bipolar and all over the place and doesn’t care about me, and honestly, i just can’t compete. i’m not going to go out of my way anymore to try to please her and be nice only to be stood up.

but that night i gave my first piano lessons to friend KS!!! it went well and i did good keeping us on track (cuz we are friends it’s easy to get distracted). later, though, we hung out and friend AD had her first real non-jerk boyfriend and worthwhile kiss! we skyped for like 2 hours. so happy for her. they really care about each other….me and friend KS, on the other hand, watched friends like awesome losers while i polished off a bag of chips. yesssss

the thing is that friend KS is the one i was worried about for eating disorders. she has all these thins images up in her room and she always talks about losing weight. and on sunday she was asking me how i stay so skinny and writing down things i eat….however the thing i eat are stuff like a mozzarella cheese sandwich so i think she was a little frustrated. i’m going to watch her more closely, though.

on monday i was going to hang out with friend EDC but turns out i had an orthodontist’s appointment (i’m getting braces…sophomore year of high school…shoot me now) so we moved it to thursday. i had water polo that night and it was absolute torture. i can’t eggbeater for my life and guess what we did? FOR 2 HOURS? yeah. i’m not even exaggerating the coach really wanted us to get it down and everyone got it BUT me, and honestly i don’t understand it! i just kept sinking!

today, thank god i don’t have to go. but that’s because I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT

it was so random i woke up and my mom was just like, hey you wanna go? and i was just all ‘um ok.’

so we took my bottom right side out. i got numbed, so it was weirdly fascinating to watch the procedure in the mirror she gave me and i had to help suck out the blood with this tube. it was like it wasn’t even my mouth because i couldn’t feel anything…

i got home; i was planning on hanging out with friends today after but i honestly don’t really feel like it. i have trouble talking and this is gross but i have drooling problems!!! haha. plus it feels like half of my face is a swollen brick or something. but we’ll see.

oh and i’m dying of hunger because i refuse to eat blended up broccoli or something.

thanksgiving break finally!

once again, i’ve let myself go like three weeks without posting. but now it’s thanksgiving break (thank god) so i really have no excuse.

november 3rd we had a band tournament, where we won 1st in our division (yay!) but stupid frenemy LT was there so i was totally dissed the whole time. it makes me mad that all my friends tell me how shallow she is, how people only hang around her because she’s ‘fun’ to hang out with  but is often mean-spirited and puts everyone down, but somehow when she comes around, wallow at her feet and throw everything they tell me out the door. i just don’t get it. and when she puts me down, no one stands up for me. why is that?

whatevs. she’s graduating next year, and then i will NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH HER AGAIN.

the next week, we had another band tournament (another tournament, another 6:30 am call time…gotta love that.) this one, we won sweepstakes! it was funny cuz they didn’t announce our school for the division champion, so we thought we didn’t even place, but we got sweepstakes! (that means we won out of ALL the bands, ALL divisions!)

PLUS, on top of that, i sat next to PGF JL, MiC, MC, and friend MG. we talked and laughed and stuff, and that was great! i got PGF JL’s number 🙂 scoooooore. i want him to be my best guy friend. he’s perfect.

school has gone well. I’ve got things under control. yesterday i’m pretty sure i got a C on a chem test (no joke. it sucks.) and decent on a math test. you have no idea how relieved i was to go on break….usually i’m sad, because i’m a nerd and i truly do enjoy school, but this year was the first i was realllllly tired and i actually NEED this break. because this year was the first i ever actually worked.

cross country ended! I’m sad, but then again i didn’t have that many close friends on the team…..i was the third wheel a lot. but water polo started! last week was hell week, but it wasn’t that bad. not gonna lie tho, i was sore the first day. lots of body-building. i was the fastest JV swimmer! getting closer to friend DM (from XC) and CP, who was in my bio class last year and friends with EMC but i didn’t really know her. she’s sweet.

friend-wise, here’s the update. chem: popular guy still talking to me, he’s awesome. popular cheerleader KC still talking to me, and by mutual friends we studied together at the media center. pretty nice.

spanish: JR and i aren’t going to be the type of friends that hang out or anything, but we talk in class. same with ST. i’m basically friendly with all the people in the class, but no close friends.

History: same deal with BB. CK is nice, we are all friendly.

math: the junior BVW is pretty nice. we talk and laugh, and he gave me a granola bar when i was hungry. besties? i think yes haha no not really. PGF RH is getting nice, too. i might give him piano lessons! TM doesn’t talk to me outside of class, and she’s really shallow and obsessed with popularity, but whatever. MC is ok. i realized he’s kind of a self-obsessed jerk.

english: getting closer to AU and AC! hope to hang out soon

also there’s one sort-of friend of mine who i recently found out was a lesbian. i’m not sure how i feel about that. i can’t stop looking at her differently, but i try to act the same.

today i hung out with friend DS, KS, and AD. we tried to study. nope. it was fun though.

and finally, the sad news. friend ERC. is. not. coming. back. for. thanksgiving. because of financial problems….her grandpa died and they had to travel to there, so there wasn’t enough money to come back and visit….it sucks. i have no idea when i’ll see her next.

on that note….haha.