thanksgiving break finally!

once again, i’ve let myself go like three weeks without posting. but now it’s thanksgiving break (thank god) so i really have no excuse.

november 3rd we had a band tournament, where we won 1st in our division (yay!) but stupid frenemy LT was there so i was totally dissed the whole time. it makes me mad that all my friends tell me how shallow she is, how people only hang around her because she’s ‘fun’ to hang out with  but is often mean-spirited and puts everyone down, but somehow when she comes around, wallow at her feet and throw everything they tell me out the door. i just don’t get it. and when she puts me down, no one stands up for me. why is that?

whatevs. she’s graduating next year, and then i will NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH HER AGAIN.

the next week, we had another band tournament (another tournament, another 6:30 am call time…gotta love that.) this one, we won sweepstakes! it was funny cuz they didn’t announce our school for the division champion, so we thought we didn’t even place, but we got sweepstakes! (that means we won out of ALL the bands, ALL divisions!)

PLUS, on top of that, i sat next to PGF JL, MiC, MC, and friend MG. we talked and laughed and stuff, and that was great! i got PGF JL’s number 🙂 scoooooore. i want him to be my best guy friend. he’s perfect.

school has gone well. I’ve got things under control. yesterday i’m pretty sure i got a C on a chem test (no joke. it sucks.) and decent on a math test. you have no idea how relieved i was to go on break….usually i’m sad, because i’m a nerd and i truly do enjoy school, but this year was the first i was realllllly tired and i actually NEED this break. because this year was the first i ever actually worked.

cross country ended! I’m sad, but then again i didn’t have that many close friends on the team…..i was the third wheel a lot. but water polo started! last week was hell week, but it wasn’t that bad. not gonna lie tho, i was sore the first day. lots of body-building. i was the fastest JV swimmer! getting closer to friend DM (from XC) and CP, who was in my bio class last year and friends with EMC but i didn’t really know her. she’s sweet.

friend-wise, here’s the update. chem: popular guy still talking to me, he’s awesome. popular cheerleader KC still talking to me, and by mutual friends we studied together at the media center. pretty nice.

spanish: JR and i aren’t going to be the type of friends that hang out or anything, but we talk in class. same with ST. i’m basically friendly with all the people in the class, but no close friends.

History: same deal with BB. CK is nice, we are all friendly.

math: the junior BVW is pretty nice. we talk and laugh, and he gave me a granola bar when i was hungry. besties? i think yes haha no not really. PGF RH is getting nice, too. i might give him piano lessons! TM doesn’t talk to me outside of class, and she’s really shallow and obsessed with popularity, but whatever. MC is ok. i realized he’s kind of a self-obsessed jerk.

english: getting closer to AU and AC! hope to hang out soon

also there’s one sort-of friend of mine who i recently found out was a lesbian. i’m not sure how i feel about that. i can’t stop looking at her differently, but i try to act the same.

today i hung out with friend DS, KS, and AD. we tried to study. nope. it was fun though.

and finally, the sad news. friend ERC. is. not. coming. back. for. thanksgiving. because of financial problems….her grandpa died and they had to travel to there, so there wasn’t enough money to come back and visit….it sucks. i have no idea when i’ll see her next.

on that note….haha.

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