thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)

on sunday things were uneventful other than friend EMC and i are definitely not really ever going to be more than casual friends. i just can’t trust her; she’s bipolar and all over the place and doesn’t care about me, and honestly, i just can’t compete. i’m not going to go out of my way anymore to try to please her and be nice only to be stood up.

but that night i gave my first piano lessons to friend KS!!! it went well and i did good keeping us on track (cuz we are friends it’s easy to get distracted). later, though, we hung out and friend AD had her first real non-jerk boyfriend and worthwhile kiss! we skyped for like 2 hours. so happy for her. they really care about each other….me and friend KS, on the other hand, watched friends like awesome losers while i polished off a bag of chips. yesssss

the thing is that friend KS is the one i was worried about for eating disorders. she has all these thins images up in her room and she always talks about losing weight. and on sunday she was asking me how i stay so skinny and writing down things i eat….however the thing i eat are stuff like a mozzarella cheese sandwich so i think she was a little frustrated. i’m going to watch her more closely, though.

on monday i was going to hang out with friend EDC but turns out i had an orthodontist’s appointment (i’m getting braces…sophomore year of high school…shoot me now) so we moved it to thursday. i had water polo that night and it was absolute torture. i can’t eggbeater for my life and guess what we did? FOR 2 HOURS? yeah. i’m not even exaggerating the coach really wanted us to get it down and everyone got it BUT me, and honestly i don’t understand it! i just kept sinking!

today, thank god i don’t have to go. but that’s because I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT

it was so random i woke up and my mom was just like, hey you wanna go? and i was just all ‘um ok.’

so we took my bottom right side out. i got numbed, so it was weirdly fascinating to watch the procedure in the mirror she gave me and i had to help suck out the blood with this tube. it was like it wasn’t even my mouth because i couldn’t feel anything…

i got home; i was planning on hanging out with friends today after but i honestly don’t really feel like it. i have trouble talking and this is gross but i have drooling problems!!! haha. plus it feels like half of my face is a swollen brick or something. but we’ll see.

oh and i’m dying of hunger because i refuse to eat blended up broccoli or something.

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